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    What Cures Tinnitus view, there are a dozen people around it. Seems to be an archaeological team, are basically young men and women, and led the people, it is a middle aged man wearing glasses. Professor Lin, we entered the Qin Dynasty tombs, what is for what Team, a tall young woman, asked toward the middle aged man. Other people are also to see that middle aged man, waiting for his answer. Nature is to explore the true origin of the tomb, and see if you can find some valuable ancient artifacts. Professor Lin s eyes flashing the next, then smiled and said. As far as I know, before we have dozens of archaeological team has entered the Qin Dynasty tombs, no one can determine the true origin of this tomb, as those ancient artifacts, I am afraid they have already taken away Tall woman once again said. Li Su Su, the archaeological mission, published by the federal archaeological department, the importance of no need to say, not to mention whether you can graduate, but also with the task, I hope you do not trouble. Professor Lin brow wrinkled, then open Road. Lin Su Su heard this look a lag. But also what cures tinnitus did not say anything. Others are also slightly lower head, not the slightest meaning of opening, although their hearts are also faint kind of feeling, this into the Qin Dynasty tomb, not just archaeological so simple. But they are archaeological students, and the task, related to whether they can graduate, Professor Lin is their lead teachers, they naturally did not dare to offend. If you are afraid, you can now quit. Professor Lin glanced at the crowd, said. Everyone is silent, then they are not to be outdone, said Professor Lin, we are not afraid. Well, you are assured that this task will be led by me and will never make you dangerous. Professor Lin nodded and said Come on, that the tomb of the tomb of the Qin Dynasty, then in the back of the view of the Albatron. Finished, Professor Lin will lift the pace, walked toward the back of the Albatron view. Li Su Su, who did not hesitate, followed by Professor Lin. Archaeological team At this time, Li Tianyu also in this archaeological team after not far away. He did not think, even so clever, just met into a Qin Dynasty tomb archaeological team. However, these people lead the way, it touches can save him a lot of trouble. Professor Lin, according to the archaeological team before the news came, this ancient tomb, it seems that with the ancient records of the history of the Qin Dynasty, there are many aspects of non compliance, is it possible to think that the true age of power of all Dili not a Everyone can not help but exclaimed out loud, all the face of a bustling color. Tens of thousands of fruit simply can not be considered. Murong Hao is also a shocked murmur whispered. Although he can see that most of these fruit is only low level fruit, only the effect of the big Dili obvious, but the number is too much. Moreover, there are many of them belong to the heavenly state of the road fruit, as long as the number of enough, still able to have a significant effect on him. See all the people look, Li Tianyu know that the purpose of their own to the sword of the temple, be completely reached. More than a thousand of the territory, of which more than three hundred days of heavenly territory of repair, coupled with the ancient emperor of Murong Hao, also considered a very strong team. As for the remuneration of the fruit, he really do not care, tens of thousands of what cures tinnitus fruit, but he is only part of it. At the beginning of the space in the demon temple, he beheaded a large number of royal family Yaozu and Wicked, and then on the road through the gods, but also beheaded tens of thousands of imperial puppet, get fruit, naturally not less. Unfortunately, his practice of the road, has been different from the general Wu Xiu, these fruit is not the slightest use of him. Otherwise, he can completely repair his own piled up to the ancient empire. Chapter eight hundred and sixty six chapter back to Lin family Lin, Long House among the. If in the past, unless it is Lin s people, otherwise, must not easily enter the Dragon House. Because the dragon house is the root of Lin, all the people, all living here. The most important thing is that the dragon pool is also within the dragon house. But now, the whole dragon house, but brought together at least tens of thousands of people. Among them are family, there are Guling, there are some Yaozu, and even some very rare mysterious ancient, can also be seen here. Obviously, they are Lin family in order to resist the upcoming family of the Dragon, invited to the helper. And Linjia need to pay the price, in addition what cures tinnitus to countless treasures resources, there are open Longchi, so that all people into practice at least one day. At this point, in the dragon pool, there are still many people still in practice. They help the dragon pool of dragon gas, and constantly refining their own flesh, to enhance the repair. Although they do not have the dragon blood warfare body, there is no forest of blood, but they are all Dili environment repa.

    , war emperor, God of War, these several order. To his original time to leave the repair and strength, should be equivalent to today s seventh order warrior. The most surprising thing is that the universe in addition to the earth there are human beings, there are many other galaxies, there are human beings, and even many other racial creatures, that is, the so called aliens. According to the information he found on the light brain, the earth mankind has spread throughout the Milky Way, with dozens of life stars, and hundreds of resources planet. And the earth is also seven hundred years in the Union calendar, joined the dark blue universe, really entered the era of the universe. Could it be the one who had killed me, and it was the strongest of an alien group Li Tianyu heart secretly contemplated, when he broke the void, traveled in the stars in the sky for decades, and finally get the God of War tower, was a terrorist giant instantly kill. However, he is now no strength, there is no time to find out the matter, if you really want to report past life to kill the hatred, I am afraid he can only wait for the future of true return to say. As for now, he only need to take advantage of these three months time, answer the hearts of a few pulsierendes rauschen im ohr doubts can be. The first puzzled is why he suddenly returned to Earth with a phantom The second doubts, heaven, and what kind of existence Why is it concerned about him The third doubt, the legend of the gods, whether it really exists Originally, what cures tinnitus he always thought that the myths and legends on earth, should only fictional nothing, fairy god does not exist, but the sky is not only the emergence of Xianqi, but also more of the legend of many cents, and even some people say that they found the immortal what cures tinnitus Ruins, get the immortal heritage. Coupled with his mind before the many speculation, let him feel more and more, between the Earth and the sky between the mainland, there may be some kind of association, and the association, it should be with the legendary gods. Open the door open the door At this point, the outside suddenly came a burst of rapid hit the door sound, interrupted Li Tianyu s thoughts. Originally in the cooking of Meng Yao, quickly came out from the kitchen, ready to open the door. Let me do it. Li Tianyu slightly toward the Meng Yao shook his head and said. Meng Yao heard this nodded, they stopped the pace. Li Tianyu open the door, they saw dozens of men wearing a black suit, with cold eyes looked at him. Boy, are you hurt our two young ma.existence of the territory. Therefore, he intends to temporarily kill Nie Yu, you can use each other s pupil. Find more immortal gold lotus for yourself. You are really greedy. Nie Yu cold as Li Tianyu, opening Road. Immortal Jinlian this heaven and earth treasure, get a will have been considered lucky, this guy fell well, even not satisfied, want to get more. Or help me what cures tinnitus find immortal Jinlian, or I immediately kill you, give you time to consider. Li Tianyu look to Nie Yu, mouth slowly spit out a cold voice. I am now seriously injured, can only cast a pupil, otherwise, even if you do not kill me, I will burst and die. Feel Li Tianyu who exudes the cold to kill Italy, Nie Yu s eyes can not help but slightly Yi Chan, then exposed bitterly said. If you know the strength of the people in front of such a terrible, he will not hands, big deal will be this immortal Jinlian let the other is, anyway, he has a way to find a. Now pour, not only will the hands of the immortal Jinlian gave each other, but also by the very heavy injury, even the opportunity to escape are gone. Yes, as long as you help me get an immortal gold lotus, I will put you. Li Tianyu what cures tinnitus nodded and said. Two immortal Jinlian, what cures tinnitus this is the goal, a use of their own, another with the life of the temple for the real life of the fruit. Nie Yu did not say anything, but directly turned around, in that moment, his eyes flashed a touch of Yin Yin color. Subsequently, he directly cast pupil surgery, suddenly, two God Mang burst out, almost enveloped the front of the entire Milky Way. After a while, the river of water will be turbulent up, and finally formed a huge whirlpool. The next moment, Li Tianyu will see the whirlpool, abruptly have a golden streamer flying out, flew toward the distance quickly. Immortal gold lotus. Li Tianyu eyes micro condensate, then stature suddenly Yi Chan, the speed pushed to the extreme, toward the front of the immortal Jinlian catch away. At the same time, he also used the word tactics, that moment, in front of everything, they have been banned up, and even even under the Milky Way water, it seems no longer flow. That strain flew away immortal Jinlian, naturally also directly imprisoned in there. At this point, that immortal Jinlian will suddenly burst open, followed by, which will have a reduction of many times Jinlian fleeing out. However, Li Tianyu s nine words of the true words of the word tactics, but the level of the mysterious mystery of the secret system, the power can be extremely powerful, even half step Wu.uman race No, he is the Terran, and is the most pure Terran, as far as I know, in the prehistoric era, the ancients practice is not immortal, but human law, not only has a very strong strength, the body is extremely powerful, and even The god of the earth See this scene, everyone s face is full of shock of the color, the crowd is constantly heard exclaimed voice. At the moment that Jihe son of the eyes, but it is full of the color of no confidence, because he was in the family of an ancient book, saw the record on this aspect. Owner of the imperial blood of his, it is clear Li Tianyu turned into ninety nine Zhang body on behalf of what. Eyes flashing the next, Ji He son directly turned, toward the direction of Ji Ji flew away. Sure enough, I did not guess wrong. Mo Ke whispered whisper, eye in the slightest trace of the color of excitement. Finally can, and chaos, open heaven and earth. Li Tianyu at the moment also appears to be quite excited, consciousness directly manifested in the pubic region, in the chaos of the most central. Rumbling Accompanied by bursts of loud noise, his consciousness turned into a giant body, the whole chaos are distraction. He naturally has been beginning to chaos, evolved within the world. Although he was in the territory of Emperor Wu, it has opened up an inner world, but then simply can not be compared with the present. He can now be described as a real epoch making, although only in the pubic region of heaven and earth, but still be regarded as the evolution of the real world. Want to be epoch making, the most important thing is to have enough strength. Originally, although he practiced human law, physical strength has reached a very powerful level, but there is still a great gap between the degree of departure. But now, a complete holy body into his body, contains the power, enough to let him open up once. Bang Li Tianyu body chaos, set off a stormy sea, a plundered violent chaotic atmosphere, and constantly washed his fragrant body. Open Suddenly, a loud roar from the mouth of Li Tianyu came out, shock heaven and earth, and even the whole chaos are intense boiling up. The next moment, a huge fist, toward the depths of chaos to go. Suddenly, the whole chaos burst of violent trembling, followed by a mysterious and red air in the chaos center together. Followed by a touch of black what cures tinnitus and white yin and yang atmosphere evolved out. Subsequently, the set of water and wind, Yin and Yang of the five elements, the embryonic form of heaven and earth gradually gen.

    What Cures Tinnitus The most important thing is that his mixed yuan Kenshin, and finally broke through to the bright environment. Kim Sum of mind, let him control of what cures tinnitus the chaos Kendo, but also to enhance a level. He did not resist the other side of the attack, is to try to understand the level of Kenshin Kouling Kendo, Granville to how exactly. The results naturally did not let him down to twelve successful law as a fundamental, cohesion mixed yuan sword Italy, easy to go to the horrible punch. Means that he is now the strength, has been enough to contend with the early days of heaven. The sword of the mixed element. Immediately, Li Tianyu sword cut out, suddenly a terrible Jian Qi together out. Scoff Accompanied by a light ring, I saw the day of the forehead of the Emperor, actually more than a blood hole. His eyes, full of dare not believe, and fear of death. The next moment, his body will fall to the ground, no life Sword, heavenly front stage, dead. See this scene, almost everyone s eyes, can not help but solidified in there. Chu Mu wind and Mu Feng are also in a strong shock, the mind tremble endlessly. They did not think, only Huang tinnitus klinik frankfurt Xiu repair Li Tianyu, the strength would be so terrible, easily killed a heavenly pre existence. You know, this is the heavenly territory ah, how could such a fragile Emperor to kill the Great, has been enough to make them shocked, and now Li Tianyu even killed a heavenly emperor. Gui Tian Tianjiao, really so strong Still, Li Tianyu has gone beyond the world of heaven I am afraid that only Li Tianyu himself to know why his strength will be so much as much as the twelve kinds of law to make full comprehend to the success, and mixed Yuan Jianxin also broke through the bright environment, so that he finally has the strength to compete with the Emperor The It seems that only those who kill the corpses in order to absorb their rhyme. Li Tianyu heart secretly heard, he beheaded that day after the emperor strong, found that can not be the same as before, to absorb each other s rhyme. Otherwise, the days of the territory of the rhyme, even if he can not break directly to the territory, I am afraid enough to make him at least a way to comprehend. Of course, to kill the Emperor of the early 1000 meritorious service, he naturally got it. Turned, Li Tianyu continue to rush to those corpses, but his goal is no longer confined to the great body of the body, those days of the territory of the body, he has already had enough to deal with. Holding the mysterious iron epee, his stature, but also overflow the slightest mouth of the blood. Die Li Tianyu burst drink soon, the body of the what cures tinnitus fierce flashing out, and instantly came to the men who shot in front of Linger, direct sword cut out. Humph. The man has the strength comparable to the spirit of God, see the attack of their own people, was actually ants like a guy, as if by the humiliation, can not help Lengheng soon, then palm shot. This palm, contains the soil properties of Xian Li, Wei can be extremely horrible, even if the repair with his considerable people, it is difficult to take, you will be able to easily kill each other slag. However, with a light rang came out, Li Tianyu s sword, directly to the soil that the yellow palm cut into two halves, then castration diminished, continue to stab toward the man. See this scene, the man face big change, then the hands also appeared in a sword, toward Li Tianyu ushered. The what cures tinnitus next moment, the two swords, they collided directly together. Boom Suddenly, violent Jian Qi swept out, the surrounding space will annihilate, and that man s body, but also gradually turned into Jifen, completely dissipated between heaven and earth. Linger, are you all right Li Tianyu stature Yi Chan, came to the front of Linger, raised his hand for the Linger erased the blood of the mouth. Nothing. Linger slightly shook his head, smiled and said. Will i send you back to God of War Li Tianyu said. No, I want to fight with you side by side. Linger shook his head, eyes reveal a firm color. Do not leave me too far. Li Tianyu did not insist, opening Road. Yep. Linger sweet smile, nodded should Road. Ao big brother, help me protect the Linger, these people, I come to kill. Eyes turned, Li Tianyu toward Ao Royal said. Although Linger did not hurt, what cures tinnitus but he was still angry. it is good. Ao Yu nodded. kill Li Tianyu light drink soon, saw his left hand, there was a black dragon spear. And in the black spear above, filled with a strand of black gas, a terrible fissure spread out of the atmosphere. Li Tianyu s body Yi Chan, and instantly came to the front of the local army, the right hand mysterious iron epee, left black spear, crazy harvest of my own life. After his continuous cultivation, as his own life sword of the mysterious iron epee, foro acufenos o tinnitus and now has reached the level of ordinary magic, Granville can be far comparable to the emperor. Almost every sword cut out, can kill dozens, or even hundreds of local people. And that black spear, it is made from heaven and earth to kill the treasure, Granville can even even above.

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