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    Tinnitus Going Away or even more challenges of the genius of the strong. Sometimes, the number is indeed enough to make up the gap, but there are times, absolutely strong strength, but also enough to ignore the number of gaps. For example, Li Tianyu four people, is the case. I saw Li Tianyu a palm to play, suddenly, endless power of death, toward the double headed devil roll roll to go. All the power of death by the double headed magic tiger, almost in the twinkling of an eye, it will be decayed, the soul annihilation. This is the power of death of the terrible place, if it can not stop, it will directly deprive your life. This moment, they do not know how many double headed magic tiger, the death of the force of invasion and death. Control the law of death, can be called the death of the emperor, or even just an idea, he can easily kill countless double headed magic tiger. And those double headed magic tiger s attack, but almost no damage to them. Yuan Hui of the flesh of the powerful, concise into seven to turn the body, it is no less than the general emperor, Huanghuang double headed magic tiger attack, and how can he hurt him. And Fengxi and Feng dance, the body around tinnitus going away a road around the Phoenix fire, those attacks have not really fell to their body, they were the Phoenix god creatures made nothingness. As for Li Tianyu, but also do not care about these double headed magic tiger s attack, his flesh than Yuan Hui even more powerful, even if not into the dragon s footer, it will not be any damage. Moreover, the immortal power, has made him invincible. The strength of the four guys is terrible. Followed by those in the vicinity of the Yaozu or Wicked, at the moment are the shock of the color. Almost all hearts are secretly glad, but fortunately they did not act rashly, otherwise, their fate, than these double headed magic tiger is not where to go. Even those who can not be turned into human form of Wicked, but also in the cursed double headed magic tiger too stupid, not yet clear the strength of the four guys, they directly hands, is simply tired of life. Li Tianyu move forward, seemingly clear and light, but step by step Murder. The power of death blooming, killing everything, almost no one double headed magic tiger, able to resist the invasion of the power of death. Fengxi and Feng dance, the same seems quite easy, a road condensed into the Phoenix virtual red flame, and constantly toward the surrounding double headed magic tiger, an instant, they will be turned into ashes. Yuan Hui shot is extremely violent.and earth treasure. Even Ding Zi Yun is a look of loss, obviously she is the first time I heard this soul wood. The soul of the wood, but the extremely rare world treasure, not only can carry the soul, but also can directly enhance the martial arts of Wu Xi, if the imperial class of refining their refining, can in the shortest possible time, promoted to Emperor class division. Wood cloud chuckled, said. Li Tianyu and Ding Zi Yun heard the eyes are micro condensate, refining division to the soul of power as a fundamental, and this soul of wood, can even make a royal class division, in the shortest possible time to upgrade to imperial class division, tinnitus going away Can see its implied soul force, how horrible. Of course, its greatest function is that it can be used as a carrier of soul sustenance, and it is essential to recast the flesh. Wood cloud again open Road. Predecessors, I do not know where to find this soul tree Li Tianyu pondered, then asked toward the tinnitus going away wooden cloud. Since the soul of wood so important, then he naturally in any case, will be fully sought. As far as I know, the soul of wood, only grown on the Fung Qi mountain. Mu Yun s eyes look to Li Tianyu, said You should know, Phoenix family has a rebirth of his life supernatural powers it. Yep. Li Tianyu nodded, Phoenix family is Phoenix family, and on the legend of Phoenix, regardless of past life or this world, he has heard a lot. Phoenix, but a noble, holy bird, can be reborn. Feng Qi Shan, is the ancestors of the Phoenix family, and the soul of the tree, is the Phoenix rebirth of the fire when the birth of heaven and earth treasure, you only go to the Phoenix Hill, it may be the soul of wood. Wood cloud continued However, the Phoenix family is extremely exclusive of tinnitus going away foreigners, even if you set foot on the Phoenix Hill, may not get the soul of wood, but will be their percussion. I m going to Fontaine Mountain now. However, Li Tianyu did not have the slightest hesitation, said directly. As long as the Linger can be born again, let alone only Phoenix family, even in the face of all the ancient family, he was afraid of what is there. You have to be clear, if you really offend the Phoenix family, even the sword of the temple, but also protect you. Wood cloud surprised to see Li Tianyu a glance, then open Road. I just go to seek the soul of wood, not fighting with the Phoenix family, not to mention, I never fear the danger, even if the final death, I have no regrets. Li Tianyu smile, the next way. Although he is now the strength, can only compete a.

    ddle of the great level. Next, they met many times Yaozu and Wicked assassination, and finally they have been through the past. A full month of time, they are almost all with the Yaozu and Wicked in the fight to survive, died in their hands Yaozu and Wicked, the number of estimates have reached a very terrible level. Of course, this month s fight, their harvest is also great. Almost everyone s strength, have raised a level. Especially Yuan Hui, actually directly to the nine Xuan Xuan practice to nine reincarnation of the territory, the success of concise nine to war body, the strength has been greatly improved. This makes Li Tianyu can not help but secretly sigh, nine turn Xuanfu really suitable for Yuan Hui practice, actually in such a short period of time, they reached the level of nine perfect. As for Li Tianyu himself, has also been no small upgrade, the law of death to comprehend to the full, the body of the law of death together. Means that he is now a double law is complete, the body has two rules of the flower, the strength of several times stronger than before Eight hundred and seventy chapters of the ancient demon domain Although the success of the two rules is complete, but Li Tianyu but not too happy. Because he is very clear that he wants to take that step, set foot in the territory of the emperor, will be more difficult than the general Wuhuang difficult. Wu Huang successfully broke into the territory of Emperor Wu, need to comprehend the real way, and then the rule of the flower condensate into the fruit. For example, if he is able to comprehend the way of death, concise death of fruit, can be the fate of the death of the emperor. However, he control the twelve kinds of rules, comprehend mixed Yuanjian heart. Although it makes his strength far more than the same order of the people, and even beheaded the great territory, but he wanted to break through the Dili, but must all the rules, all comprehend to complete, and then concise fruit, into the mixed element Kenshin Caixing. The most important thing is that he wants to really control the other ten rules, but also must rely on heaven and earth treasure. The law does not fall, only contains the power of law and even the power of the world treasure, in order to let him enhance the level of law, control the power of law. Li Tianyu, Fengxi, Feng dance, Yuan Hui four people, in the vast wilderness above, continue to move forward for half a month. Although there have been Yaozu and Wicked attack them, but still can not stop their foot.I inherited the Taoist system, practicing orthodoxy. Little Taoist did not hide, open the road. Taoism Li Tianyu eyes flashing, the former he has not yet created a record of God of War, also read some of the ancient books on the monastic, but not the slightest harvest. Later, he went to Quanzhen teach, Wudang faction and other Taoist martial art, also still did not get anything really useful things. Did not expect, the magic of the body back, even to practice practicing orthodox Taoist descent. coming. The eyes of the priests stared at the fog, Chen Sheng said. Everyone is pupil miniature, then could not help but all went to the small priests behind. In their view, since the small priest can see these fog is a ghost fog, and the hands of the peach wood sword is Talisman, tinnitus going away should be a monastic man, catch the ghost naturally no problem. Li Susu went to Li Tianyu side, compared to small priests, she more trust Li Tianyu. Li Tianyu toward tinnitus going away Li Su Su smile, motioned her not to be afraid. At this time, the fog in front, violently rolled up. Then, in the eyes of the crowd horror, some black figure, gradually emerged. Ghost really ghost See the fog in those looming shadows, everyone s face more and more white, the mind tremble endlessly. Especially Wu Ling a middle ear hearing loss in adults few women, it is scared body slightly trembling. Li Su Su is also firmly grasp Li Tianyu s arm, eye is full of frightening color. Do not worry. Li Tianyu gently patted the hands of Li Su s back, whispered. I do not know why, to hear the words of Li Tianyu, Li Susan s mind actually gradually calm down. After a moment, a burst of buzzing came from the fog. At the moment, all the eyes are solidified in there, because they actually see, these shadows actually like the army, neatly arranged in that, looking around, all the black smoke filled figure. These shadows are neatly organized and walked towards the side. Turned out to be Yin Bing how could this be, what happened between the underworld The priest was scared and whispered. With countless shadows continue to close, everyone s body, could not help shivering up. At this point, everyone finally see the appearance of tinnitus going away these shadows. I saw these shadows face, and almost no difference between human beings, but their eyes, they are all black, and their body, filled with a strand of black gas. Yin Bing Li Tianyu s eyes micro condensate, he naturally heard the whispers of low priests. He did not think that these are wearing bronze armor, holding the dark spear of the ghost, it would be Yin Bi.h bloom out of the moment, they will Ji He son of the atmosphere to resist there, let it Can not move forward half a minute. Buddha demon body. Ji He son will be staring at Mo Ke, mouth slowly spit out a voice. But they have already felt, Mo Ke who exudes a strong atmosphere, speculation that he should be able to compete with a Ji He son of the top peerless power, but did not think of him, he did not think of him Was able to melt the Buddha into one. Buddha and magic, this is the existence of two extremes, potential, such as water and fire, arguably, if someone dare to fellow practitioners Buddha, the final result will be the devil phase of grams lead to obsession, and even burst and died. However, Mo Ke is the perfect combination of them together, it is the outbreak of tinnitus 16000 hz terror power. Friends, I hope you do not intervene in this matter, count me Jihe owe you a human affection, after any if anything, you can Ji to find me, and even I can give you a Ji family name of the family, how Ji He son of the eyes look to Mo Ke, opening Road. Heard Ji He son of the words, all eyes are micro condensate, then with the envy of the eyes to see Mo Ke. Ji family, the holy city of the first family, rumors Ji is the descendants of Xuanyuan, and Xuanyuan was the family of the royal family, so Ji family of tinnitus going away people can be regarded as the owner of the blood. If you can become Ji family outside the surname people, not only can get almost endless resources, but also get tinnitus going away the blessing of human family air transport. Not interested in. However, Mo Ke is indifferent shook his head, said. He naturally know the holy city Ji family is what kind of existence, but also know what people mean blood, more clearly the extraordinary human air transport. Only, how can the king of blood and the people who can be added to the human body compared to the tinnitus going away emperor. Even if the Ji family is really Xuanyuan s descendants, but also get the blessing of human family luck, but the endless years, but also will become extremely weak. And Li Tianyu people who gas transport, but very majestic, and even can be said that he is contemporary emperor. But Li Tianyu has not yet come to the land of the feud, sacrificed the world, took the inheritance of the Terran fire, officially became the royal family of the royal family, so unless he himself to use the human family luck, otherwise, it is difficult to feel his body Shipped If the Mo Ke has a Buddhist magic eye, it is impossible to know that Li Tianyu is the human life of the emperor of the emperor. Theref.

    Tinnitus Going Away power of the fist, in the helpless pupil continue to enlarge, instantaneous, they came in his body. Boom, boom Terrible power, crazy fall on the lack tinnitus going away of the body. However, Li Tianyu does not seem to intend to hit this will be directly to Ning no lack of death, just he was seriously injured, so that he lost the power of battles. At the moment of Ning no lack of mouth constantly spewing a lot of blood, the body is tinnitus help for ipad unable to support, soft collapsed to the ground. Cough did not expect that you turned out to be flesh. Rather no lack of cough out of a big mouth blood, his face looked extremely uncle Li Tianyu, opening Road. Although the lack of lack of recently received a sanctification of the machine, the success of evidence of sanctification, but the strength among the saints, can only be regarded as general, even with the blessing of human blessing, but also only with a strong saints contend. And Li Tianyu is flesh sanctification, but also cast the supreme pope, the strength is enough to match the top saints, and even can, under the holy king, he can be invincible. My mind has always been a question, who are you Li Tianyu indifferent look Ning no lack, asked. Is this important tinnitus going away Ning no lack of tragic smile, Road. It is not very important, but I want to know. Li Tianyu Road. This is also he did not immediately kill the reasons for the lack of Ning, he is some curiosity, wins He Ning no lack of flesh is what people, after all, not everyone can have people luck. I was the corpse of Xuanyuan. Ning no lack of pondered the next, then open Road. what With the lack of voice down, the crowd suddenly an uproar. T5 N5 P The ninth hundred and ninety eight chapters of the king of the king of Wei Rather than the words, will be completely shocked everyone in there. Even Li Tianyu, is also the mind tremble, eyebrows surprised the color of surprise. Xuanyuan, but that the prehistoric era of human sages, but also by the countless people admire the emperor. Even if only Xuanyuan s cut out of a corpse, that they must also give each other should respect. Li Tianyu did not think how to win the mysterious mystery exists, it would be Xuanyuan s evil corpse, no wonder the other party also has human family luck. I thought that I won the kid, re take the road of the emperor, to make up for the old regret, did not expect that my family was born you such a variable. Ning no lack of eyes revealing tinnitus going away different colors looked at Li Tianyu, slowly opening worth mentioning, Terran you have this emperor, the future power of all Dili not a Everyone can not help but exclaimed out loud, all the face of a bustling color. Tens of thousands of fruit simply can not be considered. Murong Hao is also a shocked murmur whispered. Although he can see that most of these fruit is only low level fruit, only the effect of the big Dili obvious, but the number is too much. Moreover, there are many of them belong to the heavenly state of the road fruit, as long as the number of enough, still able to have a significant effect on him. See all the people look, Li Tianyu know that the purpose of their own to the sword of the temple, be completely reached. More than a thousand of the territory, of which more than three hundred days of heavenly territory of repair, coupled with the ancient emperor of Murong Hao, also considered a very strong team. As for the remuneration of the fruit, he really do not care, tens of thousands of fruit, but he is only part of it. At the beginning of the space in the demon temple, he beheaded a large number of royal family Yaozu and Wicked, and then on the road through the gods, but also beheaded tens of thousands of imperial puppet, get fruit, naturally not less. Unfortunately, his practice of the road, has been different from the general Wu Xiu, these fruit is not the slightest use of him. Otherwise, he can completely repair his own piled up to the ancient empire. Chapter eight hundred and sixty six chapter back to Lin family Lin, Long House among the. If in the past, unless it is Lin s people, otherwise, must not easily enter the Dragon House. Because the dragon house is the root of Lin, all the people, all living here. The most important thing is that the dragon pool is also within the dragon house. But now, the whole dragon house, but brought together at least tens of thousands of people. Among them are family, there are Guling, there are some Yaozu, and even some very rare mysterious ancient, can also be seen here. Obviously, they are Lin family in order to resist the upcoming family of the Dragon, invited to the helper. And Linjia need to pay the price, in addition to countless treasures resources, there are open Longchi, so that all people into practice at least one day. At this point, in the dragon pool, there are still many people still in practice. They help the dragon pool of dragon gas, and constantly refining their own flesh, to enhance the repair. Although they do not have the dragon blood warfare body, there is no forest of blood, but they are all Dili environment repa.

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