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    Tinnitus Geluiden Voorbeelden plant, it seems to be directly detained, so that it can no longer continue to escape. Hum Was imprisoned immortal Jinlian, violent trembling up, and even make the surrounding space, also with the distortion, it is a lot of cracks. The power of terror, from the immortal Jinlian blooming out, it seems to want to break away from Nie Yu s imprisonment. However, no matter how it struggles, can not escape the two gods of the imprisonment. Finally succeeded. Nie Yu face of the joy of the color, then control the gods, the immortal Jinlian sent to their tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden own side. But at this time, that immortal Jinlian suddenly burst open, followed by a seemingly narrowed several times the lotus, drilled out of it, directly through the Shenmang, with a very fast speed, toward the Li Tianyu this violence Coming from. Is this the real immortal gold lotus Li Tianyu pupil a shrink, the hearts of secretly thought. See immortal Jinlian toward their own flight, he naturally will not be polite, directly raised his hand, and instantly caught it in the hands. Friends, this immortal Jinlian is my thing, please also give it back to me. Nie Yu stature slightly Yi Chan, directly to the front of Li Tianyu, brow slightly wrinkled, then toward Li Tianyu quite polite said. Back to you Li Tianyu indifferent smile, this guy just use the pupil to probe him, Ben let him extremely offensive. Moreover, although this immortal Jinlian is Nie Yu with pupil to find, but it does not mean already belong to each other. If you give it to me now, maybe we can be a friend. Nie Yu eyes slightly cold, then open again Road. If I objektiver tinnitus forum do not pay Li Tianyu faint back. Then I ll kill you and take it yourself. Nie Yu s mouth slowly spit out a full of cold murderous words. Finished, he did not hesitate, a direct blow to Li Tianyu. Li Tianyu s mouth thrown a touch of sneer, then stature Yi Chan, with a punch toward the Nie Yu s fist. Boom Suddenly, the two fist will be fiercely hit together, burst out of the horror power, directly to the surrounding space completely broken broken. Violent extraordinary strength, toward the surrounding raging away, and even even under the Milky Way, also set off a wave. The next moment, I saw the face of Nie Yu changed, then tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden his body was actually pondering over the fly away, a full fly out of the few feet, was able to hold back the stature. And Li Tianyu is still firmly stand in place, obviously, this punch, Li Tianyu win. Daoshi look down on you, the late imperial repairs, actually have such extraordinary strength. Raised his.Unusual mountain at the foot of Li Tianyu looked constantly toward the peak of the crowd rushed to the eye flashed a touch of edge. Your Majesty, we must go to the closure of the station as soon as possible, must not let the success of the successor of the people. From the meteorite look dignified look at Li Tianyu, opening Road. Do not you doubt that I am a fake man Li Tianyu Moulu surprised the color of the looked from the meteorite one, opening Road. In the heart from the meteorite, only your majesty you are the real emperor, as other people, but fake liar fills. There is no hesitation from the meteorite. Well, then we will go to the house, to prevent the successor of the other party orthodox. Hear from the meteorite words, Li Tianyu light laugh, nodded. Unearthed mountains of heaven and earth, towering, from afar, completely like a vast expanse of the mainland. Moreover, not above the mountain can not fly, even if the big Luo Jinxian, or even quasi St., it is difficult to Royal space before the line. Even without this restriction, presumably most people will choose to walk up the mountain, to express tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden respect for the human ancestral meaning. Li Tianyu and from the meteorite is no exception, step by step toward the top of the hill. Although he is now the strength, even if there is a special force on the mountain shrouded, so that everyone can not fly, still able to Royal space forward, but he did not do so. If he is the emperor, do not know how to respect the ancestral family, that family is not too sad. Of course, even if the walk, the speed of the crowd will not be too slow, after all, the convergence of the Terran are strong, at least there are gold fairyland repair, most of them are big Luo Jinxian repair, even Even the quasi St. have a lot. After a moment, Li Tianyu and from the meteorite will see a towering in the world between the ancient high profile, a plume of bright gold from the above pouring down, giving a sense of dignity and grandeur. This ancient high platform is built by the ancestors of the ancestral temple, the ancient emperor set the world where. Nine hundred and ninety six chapters of the family to congratulate him I did not expect the prehistoric land to reproduce only a year, my family of the strong, it has been so much, it seems that even if the alien comeback, I am also fearless. Looking around the crowded crowd, from the meteorite can not help but cheeky. In the envelope below the surrounding, at least has brought together hundreds of thousands of people, most of.

    ed a touch of light hi color. He returned to Earth with a phantom when the real body of the repair is only equivalent to the great environment, and now, but has broken through the ancient empire. Not only that, he can feel, dragon blood war body also once again transformed once. The most important thing is that after his return of magic, the gods and the gods are also entered into his real body, quietly suspended in his knowledge of the sea space. In my present strength, in the imperial environment, has no one can enemy, or even even the face of the general Valkyrie, I am afraid there is a war of power. Li Tianyu heart secretly heard. Then he found that although he had been on Earth for thirty days, but it seemed that it was only half a day. Obviously, his previous speculation is not wrong, the earth and the sky the time flow is different, about fifty times the gap. This also means that if he can here with a hundred years to upgrade to the big Luo Jinxian the environment, the earth is only the past two years. His heart even faintly guess, the reason why they will be born again to the sky, which may be one of the main reasons. The two world has fifty times the time gap, plus he also has God of War tower, you can once again increase the flow rate. In this way, he will have enough time to break through the big Luo Jinxian the environment. Then no longer delay, Li Tianyu continue to help the dragon pool that is very strong dragon gas cultivation. The next day and the early morning. Li Tianyu and Murong Hao, Zhao Yang and others together out of the dragon pool, walked toward the Dragon House, After a moment, they came to the entrance of the dragon house. Tianyu, listen to Yuan Long said you brought the sword of the temple of the young Junjie you At this time, has long been here to see Li Yewei Lin Yaoguang, then with a smile toward Li Tianyu said. Well, they will all help Lin to resist the dragon s violation. Li Tianyu nodded, replied. It s so great that they have a chance to help me, and I have a great chance to resist the dragon s invasion. Lin Yaoguang heard suddenly exposed the joy beltone hearing aids cost of the color, said with a smile. Then he will look to Li Tianyu side of Murong Hao, his face the joy of color, could not help but rich a bit. Ancient imperial territory of the sword of the temple genius, the strength is far from the general ancient imperial environment comparable, even the ancient ancient Emperor of the Dragon, I am afraid it may not be able to compete with. The Dragon came, must let them have no ba.e compared to the natural can not be compared with those of the real dragon. Of course, there are Li Tianyu and the Black Emperor two big kill in the Dragon s casualties, far more than Lin family camp. Even in order to kill them, the dragon will be most of the combat power, are placed on both of them. It is precisely because of this, Lin camp camp casualties, was down the lowest. In order to minimize their own casualties, Li Tianyu also broke out the strongest strength, to destroy the Dragon. Into the dragon bloody body of him, destroy the speed of the Dragon, even faster than the Black Emperor. Random blow a blow, you can directly hit dozens of Emperor Dili real dragon, and hundreds of head Huang Zhenzhen dragon. Right hand sword, left hand fist, Li Tianyu crazy kill all around the Dragon. Go and kill that guy. That a few thousand feet long Jinlong, toward the surrounding a few ancient emperor real dragon said. Yes, ancestors. A few ancient emperor of the real dragon nodded promise, then toward Li Tianyu away to kill away. tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden Looking at the soaring of several ancient emperor of the real dragon, Li Tianyu eyes flashed a touch of sneer. Into the dragon after the body, his body is not smaller than the general dragon, and the whole body of gold, although it can not be compared with the dragon, but the general dragon, in front of him, or even appear even smaller some. Ang Accompanied by bursts of Dragons, a road of terror Long interest, from that a few ancient emperor of the mouth of the dragon mouth, toward Li Tianyu roll. Long interest of the place, all to be turned into nothingness, and even even the surrounding space, was completely annihilated. This is the ancient emperor of the real dragon, the strength of the ancient empire, are among the top level, I do not know how many years live live fossils. If they have not comprehend the power of origin, I am afraid that has already set foot in the bone conduction hearing loss spirit of God. This is a few tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden Road, Long interest, if the general for the ancient emperor peak, simply can not resist, even if the death will be seriously injured. However, Li Tianyu still look very calm standing there. The next moment, he also moved, the hands of the sword directly cut out. Suddenly, a huge sword shadow, formed in the void together. Terrible sword of the atmosphere, will be all around the twisted together. Boom, bang Accompanied by a burst of shaking loud noise, sword shadow moment will fall on that a few pass on the dragon. Suddenly, the outbreak of a terrible terror, toward the sur.n, space, time and so all the origin of power, actually all disappeared in an instant. If this is hit by Jinmang, I am afraid even if the half step to dominate, will be annihilated in an instant, completely disappeared between heaven and earth. This is the fate of the power, fate can change all rules, very terrible. Off. Faced with this horrible one, Li Tianyu still look very calm standing there, then his mouth, slowly spit out a voice. Suddenly, that Road, Jinmang suddenly turned into nothingness, all around, but also instantly restore as ever, as if just everything, have never happened. What is this power Do you say that the emperor has come out of that step It should not be wrong, fate Heaven just said that the emperor also came to that step, did not expect, the king has even achieved the master of the position The bottom of the strong family, are the face of the shock of the color looked at Li Tianyu. To their repair and eyesight, naturally see, Li Tianyu is not hidden repair for the strength, but really into a ordinary mortal. Sky, are you all right Sagong Yao exposed eyes looked at the color of Li Tianyu, asked. Nothing, rest assured, even if the fate of heaven, I can compete with him. Li Tianyu smile, the next way. Li Tianyu heard the words, although everyone still feel puzzled, but they are also secretly relieved. Om At this time, accompanied by the space of the tremor, together exudes a terrible atmosphere of the figure, gradually gathered in the void. He finally appeared. Everyone mind Yi Chan, are gazing at the figure above the figure. Is this the fate of heaven Li Tianyu also slightly looked up to see that figure, which is wearing a black robe, majestic middle aged man. He can feel from the other side, a wave of terror fluctuations. Obviously, this fate heaven also set foot in the domination of the territory, but also the same domination of the territory, they control the power is tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden not the same. Are you the variable in the ancestor Fate of heaven eyes fell on Li Tianyu body, opening Road. it s me. Li Tianyu nodded, he was the ancient words, but also from the ancestors and the ancestors of the ancestors of the inheritance, naturally be regarded as the ancestors of the people. I did not expect that you went to this step. Fate days of eyebrows exposed Li Tianyu different colors, once again open the road. He naturally see, Li Tianyu and his same, has been the master of the position. Paused, he went on If you knew that, when you first use the fate of the compass, I shou.

    Tinnitus Geluiden Voorbeelden ingbao, his flesh can be comparable. Without the slightest hesitation, fists at the same time, the power of terror from his body every cell bloom, and finally gathered in his fist on top. Do not say that only a few Taiyi Jinxian early, even in the face of Taiyi Jin Xian later, he also fearless, because he is now a powerful flesh, enough to make him invincible. I am afraid that even the general large Luo Jinxian early, it is difficult to break his flesh defense, not to mention Taiyi Jinxian. Rumbling Accompanied tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden by bursts of loud noise, Ji He son of several attacks, in the twinkling of an eye, they all fell on the body of Li Tianyu. However, even if they think that Li Tianyu even die, it will be seriously injured, but only feel that their body as if a star hit, the terror of the tremendous strength, an instant they will fly out of the body. The blood constantly from the mouth of a few people from the Ji He sprinkled out, then their body are severely hit on the ground, and before that middle aged, severe twitch after a few, then completely fainted in the past. It s too strong See lying on the ground Jihe son a few people, all around the face of the shock of the color. You know, although Ji He Gongzi just tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden broke through soon, but he had the holy law heritage, the strength will not be more than several other veteran Taiyi Jinxian weak, and may even stronger. However, even so, when faced with Li Tianyu, is still so vulnerable. Just just a punch, an ordinary punch, Li Tianyu will also include Ji He son, including several Taiyi Jinxian early, all stunned the past. At the moment, they seem to finally understand, why Li Tianyu to the top of the holy station, get the integrity of the saints came. What is this power, flesh tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden White hair old man face sank, whisper. Although there are many people practicing flesh, but the power of the flesh seems to have the limit, since ancient times, the strongest gymnastics, if the first physical strength, and never more than Taiyi Jinxian. A white woman in the middle of the white middle of the white, his face could not believe that This tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden child has just exposed the body strength, I am afraid that has gone beyond tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden the general level of Taiyi Jinxian, even if it can not be compared with the big Luo Jinxian, I am afraid It is not far behind. Flesh is strong and how we do not fight with him, even if his flesh is strong, we do not have to fear him. Another Taiyi Jinxian mid term gray coat old man cold channel. Ji He Gong son and several other Taiyi Jinxian early Ji family of p.pair of Meimou, actually turned into a golden. Suddenly, Li Tianyu only feel their whole body up and down, seems to be completely seen by the stars, no secret can be retained. what happened After a moment, the stars stared at Li Tianyu, asked. Li Tianyu did not hide, will the old man things, told the stars pity. Well, it was he was mischief, and I went to him. Star pity cold hum soon, then the physique actually disappeared. Li Tianyu eyes micro condensate, it seems that the stars know that old man, tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden if so, he did not have to worry about life too much of the problem. Both so, he did not move forward, one would like to wait for the stars here, two is ready to start refining the Bana. Directly sit cross legged, Li tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden Tianyu out of a Bana, Yuan Li out of the body, the Bana wrapped up. Then, he began to use the soul force, to guide the death of the other side of the power, slowly penetrate into the body through the force. If he understood the law of death, he really did not dare to do so, after all, the power of death than other laws of power, if the introduction of the body easily, the moment will let the flesh died, the soul annihilation. With the power of death poured into the body, Li Tianyu understanding of the law of death, more and more deep. Not only that, he can even feel that the power of death in the continuous refining of his flesh, conceived his soul. This makes Li Tianyu s face, can not help but reveal a touch of joy smile, he knew that he did not guess wrong, Bana can really let him really break into the Wuhuang environment. Time passed, three days, and soon passed. At this point, Li Tianyu also has his storage ring all the Bana flowers, all refining the. I saw him sitting cross legged, around the body around a ray of gray death of the power, at the moment he, just like a real death, just a death of the language, you can catch people s lives. And this is not false, he control the power of death law, just a death force into the other body, can be instantly killed. Finally broke through. Slowly opened his eyes, Li Tianyu s eyes reveal a touch of faint smile. One hundred and twenty besters, not only let him really break into the Wuhuang environment, but also let his death law reached the level of Dacheng, but also really control the power of death, on behalf of, he is now a genuine Queen Wu later The. Even if only the death of the Wuhuang, but also let him feel very happy, after all, the law does not fall, he has been unable to really break through the Wuhuang environment. Now, control th.

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