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    Tinnitus Cure Ginkgo at the front of the eyes of the black river, the hearts of slightly sad. He did not think that he could still see the legendary river in the forgotten river, but also to the living of the footer, standing on the river so forgotten. The people of the outside world, now has to forget the river, you do not want to Bana it, through this forgotten river, arrived on the other side, you can see the legend of the Bana. Yin Xu toward Jin Yuheng and others said. This is the water of the nether, even the emperor, nor can easily be contaminated. Jin Yuheng brow wrinkled, opening Road. Then he turned his eyes, toward the crowd in a title Wu Sheng said You fly to try. What I The man heard his face a white, he naturally know what is the water of the nether, for their Wu Sheng, is to touch the terrible thing to die. Hurry up, otherwise I ll kill you right away. Jin Yuheng cold as the man, shouted. The eyes of the people flashed a touch of despair of the color, then a bite, stature vacated into the sky, flying to the river. He did not choose, if not crossing, and immediately will be Jin Yuheng killed, crossing the river may also die, but at least there is a glimmer of hope. When the man s body came to the river when the forgotten, it seems to be a terrorist force, directly pulled into the forgotten river, the twinkling of an eye will be swallowed by the water of the nether, turned into a part of the river. So horrible nether water. See this scene, everyone is a pupil of a shrink, scared the color of the scene. Nether tinnitus cure ginkgo water, touch the death, really did not leave. Li Tianyu is also the color of the eyebrow shock shock, which forgot the river in the nether of the water, obviously more than the cave within the nether of the water more terrible, even the title Wu Sheng are not any resistance to tinnitus cure ginkgo force, they were pulled into the forgotten river, Part of the water of the nether. Even, I am afraid Wuhuang environment, it is difficult to pass in the past, or Yin Xu these underworld of the people, how could let Jin Yuheng and others crossing the river. To know, Yin Xu these underworld of the local people, are practicing death contains esoteric Ming Li, but still can not easily cross the river, we can see this Nether water, must be very terrible. Do not know whether Buddha can resist the water of the nether here. Li Tianyu heart secretly contemplated, before the devil in that, he wrapped his own Buddha, safe through the dark river filled with dark water. Now, his Buddhist and Taoist repair also reached the level of t.the Phoenix fire, was swallowed, although not directly to Li Tianyu s own life to enhance tinnitus cure ginkgo a level of fire, but Granville has a significant improvement. Li Tianyu can feel the fire of their own life, it seems that if you swallow some Phoenix gods, you can qualify for the cut. Who are you At this time, the woman s eyes staring at Li Tianyu, cold asked. I am not what people are important, it is important that you seem to cheat Yuan Hui. Li Tianyu light down, said to the woman. Nonsense, when did I lie to him The woman heard his face slightly changed, but still cold voice said. You use a yellow real dragon ordinary blood, in exchange for his Fengwei Ling, is not a lie Li Tianyu open again. Is this between me and this smelly monkey, and how are you Woman cold as Li Tianyu said. Smelly woman, I said, my body is three fierce ape, not a monkey. Yuan Hui heard this can not help but open anger Road. He is now working on me, so his thing is my thing. Li Tianyu look to the woman, slowly opening Road. How are you Woman s brow a pick, cold channel. Although she has not directly and Li Tianyu fight, but she is very clear, in front of this human, the strength is extremely terror. The most important thing is, the other seems to control a very special flame, actually able to devour her Phoenix fire. Are you a phoenix family Li Tianyu did not answer the woman, but again open the road. How is it The woman s face sank, back. Take me to Fontaine Hill, that root Fengwei Ling, is the reward, how Li Tianyu said to the woman, although Fengwei Ling is quite precious, but if you can successfully go to Fengqi Mountain, he is willing to pay the price. For Li Tianyu s words, Yuan Hui naturally did not have any views, he had to Fengtian Ling to Li Tianyu. Just he restored the body, still Li Tianyu a boxing back, so that he is more determined to get the determination of refining practice. Dream, Fengwei Ling has been in my hands, why should I promise you Woman chilled back. You should be clear that you are not my opponent, I can directly capture you, at that time, you not only need to surrender Fengfeng, but also must take me on the Phoenix Hill. Li Tianyu indifferent smile, said. Li Tianyu heard the words, the woman was silent, she naturally know that if you really move hands, she will be no doubt. Do not tinnitus cure ginkgo worry, I have to Fengqi mountain, but something to ask, and no malicious. Li Tianyu then said one. Well, although your strength is very strong, but also the Wuhuang environment only, Fengqi mountains above the Dili enviro.

    elp but pupil miniature, turned cure for tinnitus found out to be the level of heaven and earth strong. To know, between heaven and earth, even if only a small difference between the level, the strength will be bad days do not. Although he is now the strength, can match the early days of the Emperor, even if the half of the dragon into the footer, even the general days of the emperor, he has to grasp the contend, but if the face of the late days of the Emperor, I am afraid he still did not have any resistance The As for the existence of heavenly circle level, it is estimated that even if he used the ancient Emperor of the footer, but also can not compete with it. Repair, or too low. See one after another of the strong, Li Tianyu also can not help but the hearts of Antan heard. Although his strength relative to the Wuhuang territory, has been regarded as really invincible, and even even among the great environment, and almost can not find a few people can compete with him, but still far from enough. Because he found that he is now exposed to the level, it is too high, he may face the opponent is not imperial environment, nor the emperor, but the Emperor, and even may be the ancient empire of the existence. After all, the meteoric rise of the three forces in the valley, I do not know how many years, the background is too horrible, since there are days of the emperor circle level, then there must be a higher level of existence. Endless stars, it seems that there is such a very likely there is the existence of the territory of God, and only the existence of God, only to have this supreme supernatural powers, open up a real starry sky. Extremely fire king s eyes look to the front of the endless void, can not help but said the color of excitement. God territory heritage, finally appeared At this point, there is a voice came, then everyone will see a line of the figure appeared in the void. This tinnitus behandlung göppingen pedestrian all have days of the territory of the repair, led by the middle aged man, who is exudes as much as the atmosphere of the very fire king, obviously, he also has a heavenly circle of repair. Twenty million years, and finally once again the gods inheritance. Then, but also a voice sounded, saw a Road figure show up, led by the people of a black old man, the same exudes the breath of heavenly tinnitus cure ginkgo circle. King of the fire, kill the king, you two guys, to the very good ah, how, God Valley and the White Palace will not join the bar. Black old man toward the very fire king and that middle aged man smiled, opening Road. Qinglian Wang.yes micro condensate, the hearts of illegal channels soon. In all the shocking eyes, Ji He son s stature quickly went up to board. Soon he stood on the twenty sixth step. Without the slightest hesitation, he lifted his right foot, toward the twenty seventh step to go. At this time, his body suddenly Yi Chan, obviously, he finally by the power of the Holy Land Taiwan oppression. I Ji He has royal blood, who never expect to stop my footsteps, saints do not work. Ji He son roared loudly, suddenly, a vast surging breath, from his body bloom out. Then, everyone felt, Ji He Gongzi exudes the momentum in the crazy climb, and ultimately, he was also the same as Mo Ke, broke through the Taiyi Jinshan the environment. And in the next moment, Ji He son of the footsteps, but also steadily on the twenty seventh step above, means that he also set foot in the number of thirty nine, can be saints law. No accident, golden light spilled down, enveloped his whole body, the holy law inheritance. Chapter 960 saints voice After the completion of the holy law, Ji He son stood up, but did not go directly as with Mo Ke, but lift the pace, continue tinnitus cure ginkgo to step on a step to go. This scene, so that tinnitus cure ginkgo everyone is eyes micro condensate, then have exposed the color of excitement. Ji He son still have to continue to climb, apparently to impact the number of six or nine, or even the number of nine. It seems that he has tried to take the blood of the people, with the help of the human race, reversing the prophets of the saints, the impact of a higher level. Mo Ke is slightly shaking his head, whispering. The prophets of saints Li Tianyu Moulu surprised the color of the look at Mo Ke. After the number of three or nine, you can get a holy law, at the same time, the saints will also predict where your limit. Mo Ke explained. I get the prophecy tinnitus cure ginkgo is that the number of three is my limit, on behalf of my future achievements, may be big Luo Jinxian, but if you have to help, but can break the limit, sanctification is expected. Finished, Mo Ke s eyes staring at Li Tianyu. Obviously, he said the elegant, is owned by the people of lucky body Li Tianyu. Maybe his limit, the higher some might be. Li Tianyu open channel. It should not be possible, although his strength is stronger than me, but if the potential, may not be more than me, even if he is not owned by Xuanyuan s blood, get human blessing, I am afraid even set foot three nine Are extremely difficult. Mo Ke shook his head and said. Is it true that the human race is so extraordinary that t.Hui to restore the body after the fierce increase, it seems that did not hear the general, a direct punch toward the woman to go. And that woman is even see have never seen Li Tianyu a glance, saw her palms slightly Yi Chan, Phoenix phoenix that the Phoenix by the virtual shadow, then toward the Yuan Hui that huge fist welcome. Yaozu really is aggressive, a word will be a big fight. tinnitus cure ginkgo Li Tianyu some silent shook his head, then stature flash, actually came to the middle of the two. He must stop this war, because this woman may be Phoenix family, if really get the point of irreversibility, would not let him get the difficulty of the soul of the tree, greatly improved. Suddenly, a Tai Chi map, gathered in the space, directly blocking that contains the terrible power of Phoenix fire. At the same time, Li Tianyu blow blow, greeted Yuan Hui that big than he did not know how many times the fist. Boom Accompanied by a shaking loud noise, the two fists will be severely hit together. The next moment, Yuan Hui that tens of feet high body, was actually back a few steps back, was worthy of stability stature stature. This is still Li Tianyu left hand, otherwise, if he broke out, this punch, at least to destroy the Yuan Hui s arm. Kacha At this time, a burst of light rang came out, I saw that Tai Chi map completely broken open, then, that terror Phoenix God fire, actually directly toward the Li Tianyu attacked. Chapter eight hundred and sixty chapter Fengqi mountain Obviously, the woman will Li Tianyu Yuan Hui as a helper. Phoenix gods of the Phoenix by the virtual shadow, carrying a very terrible power, toward Li Tianyu attack from the attack. Li Tianyu naturally can feel, this Phoenix God of fire power, even more than the general world of fire but also terror. Then his mind micro movement, directly raised his hand, suddenly, a group of white flame condensed together, tinnitus 4 months directly toward the Phoenix virtual shadow greet the past. This is naturally his own fire, although he has since the practice of bite fire, only swallowed two kinds of flames, but with his now repair, plus he also control the fire of the law, the power can not naturally Too weak. The most important thing is that his fatal fire has the ability to devour, can devour any flame. Yuan Hui and the woman in the eyes of shocked, Li Tianyu s own life of the fire, actually directly to the Phoenix virtual shadow wrapped up, and finally devoured exhausted. Even if this group of flames, not heaven and earth fire, but also only Phoenix family can control.

    Tinnitus Cure Ginkgo Di, tinnitus cure ginkgo he also has to hold the ban, not to mention only a immortal Jinlian. But also the power of a bite out of the ban, I saw that the immortal immortal Jinlian, once again set in there. Li Tianyu s stature slightly Yi Chan, then came to it in front of a direct hand to close it up. Boy, you re dead. At this point, Li Tianyu suddenly came behind a very cold voice. Li Tianyu brow wrinkled, then turned around, I saw Nie Yu do not know when, came to his behind, the hands are more awesome sword. I saw that the sword above, filled with a plume of charm, Jian Mang endlessly, it seems that contains the terrible power of terror. Emperor Li Tianyu pupil miniature, he did not think, Nie Yu can be so fast to recover the injury, and even have the emperor. Just that punch, although he did not directly under the hand, but in the boxing force, but also contains a trace of death, even if the other is Wuhuang successful, short time can not restore the injury. It seems that he is some underestimated Nie Yu, or that he underestimated the identity of the other side of the emperor. Obviously, in order to ensure the safety of Nie Yu, Nie Yu s father, must give him a lot of life saving means, even the emperor, but also to him. Emperor soldiers, far stronger than the general imperial device, but also much more precious. Even the general emperor, it may not have a emperor, after all, even the most common emperor, but also at least need to die for millions of years, it may be born out. This is the difference between the grass and the son of the emperor. Li Tianyu heart secretly feeling a cry, with the tinnitus cure ginkgo Wuhuang environment, the other side has a weapon level of imperial weapons, and his weapons, but only the level of the Sagittarius mysterious tinnitus cure ginkgo iron epee, even the imperial utensils are not one. Die. At this time, Nie Yu waving ancient sword, directly toward the tinnitus cure ginkgo Li Tianyu cut. Chapter eight hundred and fifty chapters of the emperor coming Emperor sword sword through the void, carrying the bright Jianmang, from heaven and fall. Terrible sword of the atmosphere, so that the surrounding space to annihilate, even under the Milky Way of the water, also set off a stormy sea. The whole world, as if by the endless sword intended to shrouded. At this moment, Li Tianyu only feel in front of his Nie Yu, as if into a Kendo realm is still on top of his horror sword repair. However, he is very clear, Nie Yu is not a real sword repair, even the sword did not even comprehend. The reason why so, is entirely because the other side of the hands. //$a = explode(\".\", $txt1); //按点号分行

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