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    Tinnitus Behandlung Oberhausen ll me, not so easy. Noble is the righteousness, the implication of my soul the town. Since the coming of the enemy is not friends, Liu Ju is no longer nonsense, direct recitation song tactics. With the last word down, a huge golden town word, gathered in space. Suddenly, all around, and even even the space, seems to have been quell. Moment, Li Tianyu only feel the surrounding space, even solidified in there, so that tinnitus behandlung oberhausen his body can not move. Confucianism is really unusual, just a town word, even the space can be quell, it touches with my words are similar to the wonderful. Li Tianyu heart of illegal channels soon, then also directly display their true words. The next moment, a more powerful space force, direct bombardment in the golden town word first. Kacha Accompanied by a burst of light ring, a huge golden town word, completely broken open open, and ultimately dissipated between heaven and earth. No wonder dare to come here to talk nonsense, the original you also control the space power. Liu Ju face slightly changed, then re recite song tactics heaven and earth are righteousness, noble town demon punish Suddenly, another golden words condensed together, punish the word appears in the moment, the space, actually suddenly spread out of a very strong killings. Then, that punish the word suddenly turned into a golden sword, toward Li Tianyu attacked. Interesting. Looking at the sword, Li Tianyu Moumo funny, he did not think that the means of Confucianism so much change, not only quite strange, and piep in je oor verhelpen Granville is also very extraordinary. To this tinnitus behandlung oberhausen golden sword speed and power, I am afraid for the general title Wu Sheng, are likely to be instantly kill. Of course, want to kill him, this is far from enough. Off. Li Tianyu pointing out, suddenly a Jianqi burst shot out, twinkling of an eye, they will destroy the golden sword. Sure enough, it s a bit of strength. Liu Ju at the moment the face becomes dignified, his two attacks, are easily resolved by this person, but he still can not see through each other. He knew that in front of this even younger than he was a few years old, the strength must be extremely horrible, far from the general title Wu Sheng comparable. Sage teachings, heaven and earth, to all things for the dog Dare not have reservations, Liu Ju mouth constantly heard a voice, these words seem to contain a very extraordinary force. The voice is getting louder, as if there are countless people in the recitation song tactics. With Liu Ju every word spit out, his body.Tianyu will find themselves back to the outside world. Moreover, here is no longer nothing, he has returned to the sanctuary of the border. No longer delay, Li Tianyu directly toward the direction of Lin gallop away. From his sword into the temple, has passed for more than a month s time, although the time is not long, but there is no guarantee what happens. So, he now only want to immediately rushed to the forest home, and then with his mother returned to Tang. Royal sword volley, Li Tianyu will speed to the extreme, and even the use of space power, I am afraid in terms of speed, even if the best imperial warships, has been unable to compare with him now. Ten days later, Li Tianyu finally stood at the entrance of Linjia Long House. Bang At this time, Long Fu door directly opened, a pedestrian quickly walked out. The crowd is the most front, naturally Li Tianyu s mother Lin Xueyao, and her arms, but also holding pity. Lin Yaoguang and Lin Yuanlong, Lin Yuanwu and other Lin family, then with Lin Xueyao behind. Sky, you finally come back. Lin Xueyao face with a happy color toward Li Tianyu said. Mother, let you worry. Li Tianyu is also smiling, opening Road. Brother, pity to miss you. Pity is pouting mouth, toward Li Tianyu coax Road, then it is directly open a small hand, so Li Tianyu hold. My brother is also very kind. Li Tianyu smile, then pity into the arms of children. See this scene, Lin Yaoguang Lin family are eye micro tremors At first, they do pity as ordinary girls, ear hissing and even many young Lin women, are also very loving children. However, since that day, pity punches the Prince of the Prince seriously injured, all of them are completely shocked. This seemingly harmless ordinary girl, was actually a terrible strong, but also from that day, all the forest family, are afraid to treat children at random, even with the treatment of her predecessors. It touches Lin Xueyao shocked, but there is no big change, still pity as daughter. Sky, you join the sword of the temple Lin Yaoguang eyes looked forward to looking at Li Tianyu, asked. Yep. Li Tianyu nodded, he not only joined the sword of the temple, also became the third temple of the gods of the sword, but he did not say anything. Mother, let s go back. Eyes turned, Li Tianyu Lin Xueyao toward the said. it is good. Lin Xueyao smiled and nodded, she naturally want to see her husband, a reunion. Snow Yao, Tianyu, I know I can not stop you to leave, but I hope that three years later, you can come back to help Lin tinnitus behandlung oberhausen family through the catastroph.

    will not really kill Gao Yu. what At this point, with the hands of Li Tianyu hit the whip whip in the high Yu body, a shrill screams, into the ears of Jing Luo. Suddenly, he actually felt that hit the whip as if beat himself in his mind can not help but bitter under the bitter. Ah ah Then, one after another screams, from the mouth of Gao Yu came. After a few whip, Gao Yu will choose to surrender, and Jing Luo before the same, one knee, in front of Li Tianyu, lowered the proud head. Will want to control the planning of the longevity tribe, as well as in the blood sacrifice to save those who are treated as blood food plan, told Gao Yu, Li Tianyu will be under the leadership of King Luo, walked into another mysterious fairry elders residence. Without any accident, in the gods and the fight with the whip of the match, the name of the elders named Lin Xi, also chose to surrender. The next three days, Li Tianyu one by one will be longevity tribes those mysterious Wonderland elders, all received control. Li Tianyu s room, King wind, Ling Lan month respect, Linger, the tinnitus behandlung oberhausen Black Emperor, the moon and other people sitting around it. Now, all the elders of the immortal tribes have been controlled by me, and as for the hundreds of real fairies, they can be easily controlled by Jingluo et al. Li Tianyu s eyes look to the crowd, opening Now the only trouble is that the Taiyi Xuanxian level of the elders Liu empty, as long as the solution of him, we can save those people, or even completely control the longevity tribe. Taiyi mysterious immortal strength, must be extremely horrible, I am afraid that even Jing Luo that a dozen Xuanxian hands together, can not compete with. Jing Feng looked slightly Shen, said. Unfortunately, our repair is really too low, even the real immortal are unable to set foot, simply can not help any busy. Ling Lan respect for the bitter said. Other tinnitus behandlung oberhausen people are also secretly secretly smile, they these people, in the sky when the mainland, and both are able to do anything they want, high above the top of the strong. Now, to the fate of the world, actually turned into the bottom of the weak, if there is no Li Tianyu s shelter, I am afraid they are the fate of these people, either by other strong kill, or as a blood sacrifice of blood. At this moment, almost everyone s mind, gave birth to the slightest slump meaning. After all, here is the immortal world, the native people of the natural far from our comparable, but we can step by step today, regardless of qualification or persev.of people in exchange for the opportunity to pass the opportunity to pass cents cents, longevity tribe tens of millions of people, almost no one felt any wrong, and even tinnitus behandlung oberhausen that should be due. I saw all the sweat and excitement of the color, each blood sacrifice, they can get part of the immortal law heritage, although not complete, but it also allows them to continue to practice, or even if lucky, can This breakthrough realm. And compared with the people of these longevity, that millions are bound to kneel on the ground, but all exposed despair and panic color. They did not expect their own hope to enter this world, not only did not get any chance, but will soon become the blood of the blood of the blood. Many people are secretly regret it. If they had such a miserable fate, they would not come in at all. At this time, Li Tianyu, who followed King tinnitus behandlung oberhausen Luo also came to the square. After all, they are more than three hundred people, the name of the outside is Jingluo s pro guard. See that kneeling on the ground of millions of people, Li Tianyu and others are eyes flashed a touch of cold mountain. Although this millions of people, not all of them from the sky as the mainland, but no matter where, are living people, but now as a general animal, as blood sacrifice blood food. Although they are not those who saints, and even killed a lot of people, but they will not slaughter millions of people, only to get immortal heritage. Moreover, they are very clear that this is not the first tinnitus behandlung oberhausen time the longevity tribe, and certainly will not be the last time. Let alone, many of the millions of people are with them from the sky from the mainland, in any case, must be saved. See Li Tianyu appeared, those who have long been his control of the mysterious fairry elders, are slightly nodded. I saw a middle aged man wearing a white robe, went to the square on the ancient altar of the ancient altar, eyes glanced at the crowd, slowly opening Today, my longevity tribe prayer heaven, blood sacrifice, you bow down with me. Obviously, this white gown man is the longevity of the elders of the elders of the emperor, but also before the longevity of the only Taiyi mysterious Wonderland strong. Look at his face smile, apparently looking forward to today s blood sacrifice spirit. However, Liu empty but do not know, now the longevity tribe, in addition to his own, almost all have been Li Tianyu control. Although Li Tianyu only use the gods to control the King Luo and that a dozen mysterious Wonderland of the elders, but through them.f danger, so Li Tianyu did not let her out, together with the Dragon against the violation. Little girl, it was you. See Linger s moment, the Black Emperor can not help but suddenly surprised a moment, then smiling face toward the Linger said It seems that you have been out of the spirit of the body, born tinnitus behandlung oberhausen again. In this way, you d be able to and this kid Shuangshu Shuangfei, how, you two when you want to give birth to a small kid, to play with the Emperor Hear the words of the Black Emperor, Linger that beautiful face, could not help but emerge out of the shame of the color. Black Emperor, if you are nonsense, I will send you back to God of War tower, at least you can not come tinnitus behandlung oberhausen out a hundred years. Li Tianyu black line looked at the black Emperor, said. Hey my strength, although not completely recovered, but you can not send me back to the god of the tower. Black tinnitus behandlung oberhausen Emperor heard it was proud smile, said. Ninety five chapters swallow the beast Li Tianyu also tried the next, he really can no longer be sent to the God of God tower gods. However, when he put the black emperor came out, they set off with the other blood, if he forced the use of the power of blood, can still be sent to each other in the god of God tower. But he will not do that, because in his heart, the Black Emperor is not their own spirit , but a real friend. So even if there is blood in the contract, he will not force the Black Emperor to do anything against things. It is the black Emperor this guy s temper, he must be careful after the job, so inexplicable was the other pit, Subsequently, Li Tianyu, Linger, the black Emperor will sit down, talk about a long time. From the conversation, Li Tianyu learned that when the Black Emperor and his separation, they went to find all around the treasure resources, to restore strength. Later, the Black Emperor broke into an old restricted area, trapped more than two years time. Until recently, the Dark Emperor finally restored the strength to the present level, and then rushed out from the ancient to the restricted area. Did not expect, in the martial arts on top, actually there immortal. Linger eyes exposed shock of the color of the feeling Road. Little girl, is your horizon is too low, the former Japanese Emperor has also been to a prehistoric continent, where, seen a lot of powerful immortal, and finally provoke a golden cents, if not the means of the emperor, it is estimated that It s dead. Black Emperor said, eyes reveal the same color. You should be Shuhua. Li Tianyu chuckle the.

    Tinnitus Behandlung Oberhausen smiled and said In addition to rent, but also be your answer to my question before the reward. He is illusory back, and three months later will leave, return to the sky, so for him, no matter how many federal coins, but the number only. Even if the future of their own true return, as long as there is a strong enough strength, naturally will not miss these. I call you big brother, can you Meng Yao Moulu Ji looked at Li Tianyu, asked. Naturally can. Li Tianyu nodded with a smile, replied. Big Brother, thank you. Mengyao toward Li Tianyu sweet smile, opening Road. She did not think that he simply answered Li Tianyu several questions, they got a stunning wealth. Most importantly, she met a real martial arts strong. If Li Tianyu asked those passers before that, will regret it. The so called character determines the fate, is so, if those people are willing to stop, patience to answer Li Tianyu several questions, perhaps this is enough to change the fate of wealth, they may belong frequency hearing test to them. Next, Meng Yao arranged the residence of Li Tianyu, then he briefly introduced the present under the earth. Although she did not know why Li Tianyu will feel unfamiliar to everything, but she did not ask too much, but the problem of Li Tianyu, know nothing wrong, endless words. A thousand years, actually has let the earth to a technology and martial arts are extremely brilliant era. Li Tianyu secretly sigh, although he left the earth before, there are many technology products, but far less than now, the old computer, has become a light brain, the car has become a roller coaster, not only on the land Mercedes Benz, also has the ability to fly. Especially after entering the era of the universe, the emergence of Starcraft, is the era of the most peak of the technology products. Starcraft, with the speed of light jump technology, can be carried out in the universe of interstellar navigation. And Starcraft carrying particles of guns, anti material guns, Titan and so high tech weapons, it is easy to kill the martial arts strong. As for the Earth s martial arts nowadays, it is far more prosperous than when he left. At first, he created the Ares catalog, although known as the god of war, Wu Zu, but this is only respect, but not the real martial arts realm. After thousands of years of development, he left the history of God of War records, it seems to have been changed to a name called God of war refining practice. The martial arts realm, is also divided into one to nine fighters, war respect, war king, war emperor.n tinnitus behandlung oberhausen this hundred million years, and this is waiting for this day, and our mission is to destroy them at the time of these things, even at the same time. Black man opening Road. Yes, let s wait and die. A blue youth nodded. For Terran The other quasi holy also nodded and should. And their eyes. Also reveals a clear meaning. Seems to have done a good job of preparing jade. I m afraid you can not leave now, and we can only fight with those things. Gray robe old man turned his eyes. Toward Li Tianyu several people Road. What are those things Fang Qingxue eyes look to the gray robe old man. Asked. We call them alien. Gray robe old man slowly opening Road. Sure enough. Li Tianyu heard the eyes of a condensate. He did not guess wrong. This black coffin is indeed alien. Alien Fang Qingxue, Ma Ling Er and that a few big Luo Jinxian. But reveal the color of doubt. They seem to have never heard of this alien name. Even if it is a few words. Have never had. A very terrible thing. Gray robe old man again open Road. T5 N5 P The eight hundred and ninety nine alien army In the old prehistoric, the saints have a fixed number, nine pole, that is, the whole prehistment will only have nine evidences. However, since the emergence of aliens, regardless of Terran or Yaozu, or other ancient people, were born a lot of saints, can be described as entered a real glory of the world. However, the saints in the alien are more, and even the weakest alien, the strength is also comparable to the big Luo Jinxian. The most frightening is tinnitus behandlung oberhausen that the number of those aliens, far more than the prehistoric tribes, if not my family of all the sages and the sacrifices of all nationalities at the expense of life, all the alien expulsion, I am afraid the final result, not only the territory of the territory, all ethnic groups Are likely to be destroyed by the alien. Hear the gray robe old man, Fang Qing snow a few people are a face change. Alien even so terrible, even the family of the sages and the public, but also only at the expense of life, only to expel them. Although your strength is not strong, but the whole space here, has been the black coffin of those aliens blockade, can not escape, so you can only and we together with the upcoming alien fight, can survive And it will depend on your own good fortune. Gray gown old man s eyes to see Li Tianyu several people, once again open the road. Predecessors, this black coffin is not only an alien Li Tianyu eyes micro coagulation, asked the old man toward the gray robe. Yes, this black coffi.

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