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    Tinnitus 3 Weeks After Concert Those who enter the ancient demon domain of the creatures, will be banned for repair, even the Great, the presence of heaven and earth, the same will be the case. Hear Fengxi words, Li Tianyu eyes miniature, the ancient demon, it is equivalent to the ancient emperor of the human Wu Xiu, Wu Shenjing under the strongest existence. It is conceivable that the existence of the ancient empire, the will and the way of control, how horrible, even in the past endless years, still retained in the world, easy to ban their cultivation. Even if Li Tianyu has nine words mantra words, practice to a complete level, still can not break the power of this ban. However, this way, he and the gap between those Dili, they greatly reduced. Can even be said that in the ancient demon domain, even if the presence of heavenly territory, he also did not fear, even if not kill each other, he can also be invincible. Take them into the depths of the ancient demon domain, actually found, here, with a lot of architecture. These buildings, extremely towering, at least have Baizhang high, exudes the tinnitus doctor ancient and Yao Yi different atmosphere. Moreover, almost all of the buildings, are demon shape, tiger shaped, cow shaped birds and beasts, everything. Not only that, there are many to restore the body of the Yaozu, walking between the buildings. Here, be considered tinnitus 3 weeks after concert a real demon field ah. Li Tianyu four people can not help but Kuandao soon. Although these Yaozu have also been banned for repair, but from the breath of view, most of the imperial environment is repair, and even there are many emperor s presence. Feng Xi, you finally came, I have been worried about you, now see you all right, I will be assured. At this time, suddenly a voice came unexpectedly, I saw that white tiger gods Xing Zhuo, is a look of joy came over. Fengxi Xiu Xiaoxu, it seems reluctant to see Xing Zhuo. It seems that you three luck is also very good, even alive to come here. Xing Zhuo s eyes swept Li Tianyu, Feng Xi, Yuan Hui one, then smiled and said. Words seem mild, but clearly said, Li Tianyu three low strength, if not because of good luck, simply can not come here alive. For Xing Zhuo s words, Li Tianyu did not have any impact, this kind of man no one guy, he saw too much, simply too lazy to ignore. And Feng dance, although it is the imperial environment of the repair, but the strength is far less than Xing Zhuo, not to mention the other side or the White Tiger family of the Son of God, she did not dare to easily offend. What do you mean, it is.ead, but everyone can from their eyes, feel no human nature, only thick bloodthirsty, brutal. It seems more than the real Wicked even brutal. tinnitus 3 weeks after concert In the end is what people, actually in this ancient ruins, with evil means so many half a man and a half demon. Li Tianyu s brow slightly wrinkled, the hearts of illegal channels soon. It seems that the feeling of his previous, is not groundless, this ancient ruins must have a terrible thing exists. At this time, those half man demon demon tinnitus 3 weeks after concert bird, has come to the top of the crowd, then crazy toward them from the attack. kill Everyone shouted, then stature have flicker out, toward these demon birds meet the past. Although a total of only a few hundred pedestrians, the number can not be compared with the overwhelming demon birds, but they have at least the repair of Taiyi Jinxian, and even there are more than a dozen people have a large Luo Jinxian repair. I saw that a dozen large Luo Jinxian, directly into the demon bird group, almost every attack, can kill hundreds of thousands of demon birds. Fang Qingxue and Ma Ling children also have shot, the two of them are too late Jin Xi Jin Xiu repair, strength in the same order is also among the top ranks. I saw Fang Qingxue a palm to play, suddenly her body around the dozens of demon birds instantly frozen, followed by a burst of Kacha sound, all made into endless ice. Ma Linger is the body blooming out of the bright golden hills, surging extremely arrogant air, turned into a handle handle gold sword, toward the front of those demon thorns to go. Scoff Accompanied by waves of light ring, awe inspiring golden sword, easy to penetrate those demon bird s body. The next moment, those demon bird s huge body, actually as if tinnitus 3 weeks after concert the sun under the snow, quickly melt up, and ultimately turned into a strand of black gas, dissipated between heaven and earth. Li Tianyu naturally with the crowd rushed into the demon bird group, his attack and everyone different, there is no gorgeous light, there is no complex moves. He did not even use the weapons, just rely on their own fist, constantly boom to those demon birds. However, almost every punch, as if implied a terrible force, wherever he goes, all the demon birds are all bombarded into Jifen. This is the human law, the body as a fundamental, flesh is weapons. Of course, if he used the war against the holy law, the speed of killing demon birds will be much faster, but not the necessary. Fear of the flesh. See Li Tianyu to kill the demon bird fist, many people are exposed to the.

    a short period of time can compete against the existence of the Great Dili. If it then reminded the innate Lingbao level of the killing of the fierce spear, and even may be beheaded the general big emperor. Although he is now the repair, not enough to really push the fierce spear, and even can not easily touch it, but when he control the emperor, the rush of this fierce spear, should not have any problems. And he was willing to go with each other, one is not want to implicate to their loved ones, two is to want to see, that break the military division, what purpose. They went for a long time before the full speed, came to a huge island over. What is this Li Tianyu muttered, now in the domain, with the previous land is very different, and more of a lot of new areas. And in front of this huge island, he had never seen before, it is clear that the island is also a new area. Here is the island of Ponceau. Young people seem to hear Li Tianyu whisper, then openly said I Penglai Island, in the Pacific era will already exist, with more than 10 million years of heritage, my master is the contemporary islanders, Wu Dili environment exists. The words of youth are full of pride. We are the whole of Penglai Island, with hundreds of thousands of people, most of them are Wu Sheng environment, Wuhuang environment is also more than one hundred thousand, even the so called nine temple, in front of my Penglai Island, and what is considered. Hear the words of young people, Li Tianyu mind micro shock, Penglai Island, the myths of the legend, there are three cents that the island, and Penglai County, is one of them. It is said that Penglai cents on the island, with immortal medicine, swallowed, not only with heaven and earth with the birthday, with the sun and the moon with the Hui, and even can flourish in the day, become detached five elements of the Happy Fairy. But, but do not know this Penglai Island, whether with the last days of Penglai County is associated with, and whether there is the legendary immortal medicine. If there is really immortal medicine, I come here, it tinnitus 3 weeks after concert is also right. Li Tianyu mind off the road, if you can get the legendary immortal medicine, must be in exchange for the life of the temple that the real life of the fruit, and then please the life of the temple of the emperor shot, you can let the linger reborn. Zhaoqing brothers came back. Seen Zhaoqing brothers. The two fell on the island, the young people will take Li Tianyu toward the depths of the island. Encountered on the way a lot of.he blockade of space, also returned to normal. Obviously, tinnitus 3 weeks after concert that has the ability to ban the space of the emperor, in the days of the late emperor who. Chapter eight hundred and seventy chapters of God inheritance Although before Liang Ze also speculated that Li Tianyu is likely to be a big force of the world of heaven, but he still did not care too much. After all, with his cultivation and identity, even if the other is the nine temple of the people, he will not be afraid. Not to mention, even if the other is the world of heaven, but only the imperial environment of repair, and he is the middle of the emperor, can be described as bad days do not But at the moment, he found that the strength of each other, even no less than his weak Even, tinnitus 3 weeks after concert he faint kind of feeling, if their own fight with each other, the last death that is likely to be him. Beam captain, we continue to move forward Li Tianyu light laugh, then asked Liang Ze asked. For his own strength, he did not want to reveal too much. Moreover, he is also very clear that he was so easy to beheaded the early days of Emperor, in addition to because he will be twelve kinds of rules to understand the full level, and the chaos Kendo breakthrough to the bright environment, tinnitus 3 weeks after concert Can get a qualitative improvement. There is another important reason is that in this meteorite valley, full of the barren atmosphere, all the body of the body force and blood will continue to pass, to be the longer the time, will be more weak, it can be said that this Of the vast majority of the creatures, are in a weak state, can not play their true strength. Coupled with his extremely tough body, into the hearing impaired aids dragon after the body, can be comparable to the real heavenly territory, and even to the physical strength of the pressure of the general heaven. That is to say, if the peak of the early days of the Emperor, he still will not be an opponent, of course, he can at least guarantee that they can get out. Well, go on. Eight hundred and eighty chapters sealed Wang Qiang At this time, everyone will find that there have been people in this side of heaven and earth. Moreover, these people one by one exudes the breath, it seems extremely strong. Obviously, they should be the top of God Valley, get the news of the birth of God, they tinnitus 3 weeks after concert came directly here. Li Tianyu look to the head of the people, suddenly a message surfaced in his mind. Camp God Valley, the realm the ancient emperor early, order king, meritorious service 18 million, title very fire king. This information so that he can not h.k up their own entrusted people, but also a will be so that their infatuation of the people. Even if the cold has been relentless moonlight, at the moment her eyes, can not help but thrown a plume of waves. However, only a moment, tinnitus homöopathie then completely recovered as ever. Since you care about her, why do not you use an artifact or a door as a dowry to marry her directly from the palaces Ling Lan s eyes staring at Li Tianyu, said. I will naturally take her away, but not with this approach. Li Tianyu back to the sentence, then look to the moon, said With me to leave As long as you like, no one can stop. To his current strength, though not to be able to compete with the entire moon, but as long as he wanted to leave, no one can stop. I do not know that I do not know you, even if I really is your friend, I will not leave with you. Moonlight without any hesitation, said coldly You have your way, I have my way, whether we know before, what is the relationship, please do not stop me from the road, otherwise, you are me The enemy. Hear the words of the moon, Li Tianyu brow wrinkled, but did not say anything. Because he knows that if they go on, not only can not let the moon with their own to leave, but will be against each other enemies, this is not what he wanted. Sky, I think she will be so, there must be any reason, or do not force her. At this time, Linger went to the side of Li Tianyu, whispered Since you have found her, you do not have to be too impatient, I believe that as long as she found why why, they will be able to let her change her mind. Well, I see. Li Tianyu nodded, replied. Boy, to your strength now, not to mention the area of a palace of Goddess, even the prehistoric continent of those real fairies, how many will be how much, why so care. Wearing a black robe of the black Emperor, mouth holding a touch of evil smile, but also said If it is not, the emperor will help you to this moon god goddess, Ling Lan respect all go back is. As the voice of the Black Emperor fell, the whole space was suddenly dead. Everyone is stunned with the eyes looked at the black Emperor, this guy crazy it, said to grab the moon god of the gods also fills, even with even the spirit tinnitus 3 weeks after concert of the moon together with a strong back. Ling Lan Yue respect, Not only the palace of the older generation of goddess, but also the existence of God and the gods, how can such a humiliation. Li Tianyu at this time is also a black line, he did not think that the black Emperor this guy would have at this time to say such a shaking words. L.

    Tinnitus 3 Weeks After Concert tinnitus 3 weeks after concert n this hundred million years, and this is waiting for this day, and our mission is to destroy them at the time of these things, even at the same time. Black man opening Road. Yes, let s wait and die. A blue youth nodded. For Terran The other quasi holy also nodded and should. And their eyes. Also reveals a clear meaning. Seems to have done a good job of preparing jade. I m afraid you can not leave now, and we can only fight with those things. Gray robe old man turned his eyes. Toward Li Tianyu several people Road. What are those things Fang Qingxue eyes look to the gray robe old man. Asked. We call them alien. Gray robe old man slowly opening Road. Sure enough. Li Tianyu heard the eyes of a condensate. He did not guess wrong. This black coffin is indeed alien. Alien Fang Qingxue, Ma Ling Er and that a few big Luo Jinxian. But reveal the color of doubt. They seem to have never heard of this alien name. Even if it is a few words. Have never had. A very terrible thing. Gray robe old man again open Road. T5 N5 P The eight hundred and ninety nine alien army In the old prehistoric, the saints have a fixed number, nine pole, that is, the whole prehistment will only have nine evidences. However, since the emergence of aliens, regardless of Terran or Yaozu, or other ancient people, were born a lot of saints, can be described as entered a real glory of the tinnitus 3 weeks after concert tinnitus 3 weeks after concert world. However, the saints in the alien are more, and even the weakest alien, the strength is also comparable to the big Luo Jinxian. The most frightening is that the number of those aliens, far more than the prehistoric tribes, if not my family of all the sages and the sacrifices of all nationalities at the expense of life, all the alien expulsion, I am afraid the final result, not only the territory of the territory, all ethnic groups Are likely to be destroyed by the alien. Hear the gray robe old man, Fang Qing snow a few people are a face change. Alien even so terrible, even the family of the sages and the public, but also only at the expense of life, only to expel them. Although your strength is not strong, but the whole space here, has been the black coffin of those aliens blockade, can not escape, so you can only and we together with the upcoming alien fight, can survive And it will depend on your own good fortune. Gray gown old man s eyes to see Li Tianyu several people, once again open the road. Predecessors, this black coffin is not only an alien Li Tianyu eyes micro coagulation, asked the old man toward the gray robe. Yes, this black coffi. $txt2 = join(\"\",$atxtArray);

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