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    Hno Tinnitus u heart secretly silent, but he did not continue to ask. In his view, no matter who the stars in the end who have, what kind of identity, as long as they are not malicious, then everything is not important. Three people before a moment, they came to a cliff before. Suddenly, Li Tianyu stunned there directly. I saw this cliff like a series of heaven and earth, looked up, it seems that do not see the end. A pure spring, from the top of the cliff pouring down, as from the sky down in general. After the spring falls, the bottom of the formation of a half moon like lakes. Above the lake, filled with plume of mist. Let Li Tianyu feel shocked, this fog was actually cemented the real life of the gas. Took the footsteps, he went to the lake, condensate looked, eyes could not help but flashed a touch of stunned color. Is this the fountain of life Li Tianyu muttered, this spring contains a very strong life force, and even take a deep breath, he can clearly feel the increase in their own vitality. He believes that drinking this life of the fountain, I am afraid the effect is not much worse than before he swallowed the fruit of life. So rich life force, I am afraid even if life and death, meat bones, it is not impossible. That is At this time, Li Tianyu s eyes abruptly a condensate, I saw in the depths of the lake, there is a golden lotus, quietly floating in the lake above. Jinmang bright, charm around, this Jinlian obviously not extraordinary goods. This is the legendary immortal medicine Li Tianyu s eyes staring at Jinlian, slowly opening Road. Yes, this is immortal medicine, but by the life of spring water for years, was finally born out. Yan Luo nodded and said This lotus called immortal lyric hearing aid cost Jinlian, contains immortal Road, if it is refining it, there is a great possibility of comprehending hno tinnitus immortal law, and even directly understand the immortal way, it is not impossible. Immortal, all things immortal and immortal, immortal and immortal, is the real eternal way, which is why immortal Jinlian, will be called the cause of immortality. Hear the words of Yan, hno tinnitus Li Tianyu heart bitterly under the shock. Immortal, real eternal life, all things immortal and immortal, immortal and immortal. If you can control this immortal way, you can say that unless the terror can be instantly killed, otherwise, will get real eternal life. Since the older generation know that immortal Jinlian is immortal medicine, why not directly charge it Eyes turned, Li Tianyu asked toward the Yan Luo. Although Yan Luo listen to the stars, bu.or even more challenges of the genius of the strong. Sometimes, the number is indeed enough to make up the gap, but there are times, absolutely strong strength, but also enough to ignore the hno tinnitus number of gaps. For example, Li Tianyu four people, is the case. I saw Li Tianyu a palm to play, suddenly, endless power of death, toward the double headed devil roll roll to go. All the power of death by the double headed magic tiger, almost in the twinkling of an eye, it will be decayed, the soul annihilation. This is the power of death of the terrible place, if it can not stop, it will directly deprive your life. This moment, they do not know how many double headed magic tiger, the death of the force of invasion and death. Control the law of death, can be called the death of the emperor, or even just an idea, he can easily kill countless double headed magic tiger. And those double headed magic tiger s attack, but almost no damage to them. Yuan Hui of the flesh of the powerful, concise into seven to turn the body, it is no less than the general emperor, Huanghuang double headed magic tiger attack, and how hno tinnitus can he hurt him. And Fengxi and Feng dance, the body around a road around the Phoenix fire, those attacks have not really fell to their body, they were the Phoenix god creatures made nothingness. As for Li Tianyu, but also do not care about these double headed magic tiger s attack, his flesh than Yuan Hui even more powerful, even if not into the dragon hno tinnitus s footer, it will not be any damage. Moreover, the immortal power, has made him invincible. The strength of tinnitus virus the four guys is terrible. Followed by those in the vicinity of the Yaozu or Wicked, at the moment are the shock of the color. Almost all hearts are secretly glad, but fortunately they did not act rashly, otherwise, their fate, than these double headed magic tiger is not where to go. Even those who can not be turned into human form of Wicked, but also in the cursed double headed magic tiger too stupid, not yet clear the strength of the four guys, they directly hands, is simply tired of life. Li Tianyu move forward, seemingly clear and light, but step by step Murder. The power of death blooming, killing everything, almost no one double headed magic tiger, able to resist the invasion of the power of death. Fengxi and Feng dance, the hno tinnitus same seems quite easy, a road condensed into the Phoenix virtual red flame, and constantly toward the surrounding double headed magic tiger, an instant, they will be turned into ashes. Yuan Hui shot is extremely violent.

    e words of the words of the word tactics of comprehend, also will reach the level of Dacheng, even if the face of Wuhuang successful, or even half step Emperor, you can instantly ban it. Although the time of the ban is only a few of the time, but for him, even if only a break of the time, but also enough to beat him, and even kill each other. I saw Li Tianyu s body suddenly Yi Chan, instantly came to the front of the Nie Yu. Without any hesitation, he fired a blow, carrying a terrible power, fiercely fell on each other s body. Bang Nie Yu s body was directly bombarded by the fly, the blood from his mouth spray out. This boxing, although not Nie Yu thoroughly killed, but also let him seriously injured, almost no fighting power. How are you Nie Yu s face extremely pale, eyes tightly staring at Li Tianyu, do not dare to believe the color. He knew that this time he was kicked a super iron plate, the other side of the strength is too strong, strong enough to he can not compete. This feeling, he was only in the face of the territory of Emperor Wu, only appeared before. Wow Li Tianyu stature flashing, once again appeared in front of the Nie Yu, but also a punch out, directly toward the Nie Yu s face to the door. This boxing, contains a more terrible power, if it was hit, I am afraid it can be completely crushed his head. You dare my father is the emperor Nie Yu roar loudly, his eyes are showing the color of panic, he naturally do not die. However, Li Tianyu s fist, but did not stop, but continue to Nie Yu s face door bombardment. Is it so dead Nie Yu s eyes flashed hno tinnitus a touch of despair of the color, then slowly close your eyes, waiting for the advent of death. For a long time, he found himself still alive, and the other side of the fist, did not continue to kill from. Why Opened his eyes, Nie Yu found Li Tianyu is quietly standing there, looked at him indifferent, could not help but wonder to ask. Just now, he did feel from the other side of the sharp murder, even if he said his father is Emperor, but also failed to affect each other. I need more immortal gold lotus. Li Tianyu smile, the opening Road. Originally, he did want to directly kill Nie Yu, but suddenly remembered that he did not seem the kind of pupil of the other side, want to find immortal Jinlian, I am afraid there will be some difficulty. Moreover, Nie Yu since it is the son of Emperor Wu, then the body will have and Jin Jian made the same life saving things, after all, to his current strength, not enough to contend with the.n, space, time and so all the origin of power, actually all disappeared in an instant. If this is hit by Jinmang, I am afraid even if the half step to dominate, will be annihilated in an instant, hno tinnitus completely disappeared between heaven and earth. This is the fate of the power, fate can change all rules, very terrible. Off. Faced with this horrible one, Li Tianyu still look very calm standing there, then his mouth, slowly spit out a voice. Suddenly, that Road, Jinmang suddenly turned into nothingness, all around, but also instantly restore as ever, as if just everything, have never happened. What is this power Do you say that the emperor has come out of that step It should not be wrong, fate Heaven just said that the emperor also came to that step, did not expect, the king has even achieved the master of the position The bottom of the strong family, are the face of the shock of the color looked at Li Tianyu. To their repair and eyesight, naturally see, Li Tianyu is not hidden repair for the strength, but really into a ordinary mortal. Sky, are you all right Sagong Yao exposed eyes looked at the color of Li Tianyu, asked. Nothing, rest assured, even if the fate of heaven, I can compete with him. Li Tianyu smile, the next way. Li Tianyu heard the words, although everyone still feel puzzled, but they are also secretly relieved. Om At this time, accompanied by the space of the tremor, together exudes a terrible atmosphere of the figure, gradually gathered in the void. He finally appeared. Everyone mind Yi Chan, are gazing at the figure above the figure. Is this the fate of heaven Li Tianyu also slightly looked up to see that figure, which is wearing a black robe, majestic middle aged man. hno tinnitus He can feel from the other side, a wave of terror fluctuations. Obviously, this fate heaven also set foot in the domination of the territory, but also the same domination of the territory, they control the power is not the same. Are you the variable in the ancestor Fate of heaven eyes fell on Li Tianyu body, opening Road. it s me. Li Tianyu nodded, he was the ancient words, but also from the ancestors and the ancestors of the ancestors of the inheritance, naturally be regarded as the ancestors of the people. I did not expect that you went to this step. Fate days of eyebrows exposed Li Tianyu different colors, once again open the road. He naturally see, Li Tianyu and his same, has been the master of the position. Paused, he went on If you knew that, when you first use the fate of the compass, I shou.e compared to the natural can not be compared with those of the real dragon. Of course, there are Li Tianyu and the Black Emperor two big kill in the Dragon s casualties, far more than Lin family camp. Even in order to kill them, the dragon will be most of the combat power, are placed on both of them. It is precisely because of natural tinnitus relief this, Lin camp camp casualties, was down the lowest. In order to minimize their own casualties, Li hno tinnitus Tianyu also broke out the strongest strength, to destroy the Dragon. Into the dragon bloody body of him, destroy the speed of the Dragon, even faster than the Black Emperor. Random blow a blow, you can directly hit dozens of Emperor Dili real dragon, and hundreds of head Huang Zhenzhen dragon. Right hand sword, left hand fist, Li Tianyu crazy kill all around the Dragon. Go and kill that guy. That a few thousand feet long Jinlong, toward the surrounding a few ancient emperor real dragon said. Yes, ancestors. A few ancient emperor of the real dragon nodded promise, then toward Li Tianyu away to kill away. Looking at the soaring of several ancient emperor of the real dragon, Li Tianyu eyes flashed a touch of sneer. Into the dragon after the body, his body is not smaller than the general dragon, and the whole body of gold, although it can not be compared with the dragon, but the general dragon, in front of him, or even appear even smaller some. Ang Accompanied by bursts of Dragons, a road of terror Long interest, from that a few ancient emperor of the mouth of the dragon mouth, toward Li Tianyu roll. Long interest of the place, all to be turned into nothingness, and even even the surrounding space, was completely annihilated. This is the ancient emperor of the real dragon, the strength of the ancient empire, are among the top level, I do not know how many years live live fossils. If they have not comprehend the power of origin, I am afraid that has already set foot in the spirit of God. This is a few Road, Long interest, if the general for the ancient emperor peak, simply can not resist, even if the death will be seriously injured. However, Li Tianyu still look very calm standing there. The next moment, he also moved, the hands of the sword directly cut out. Suddenly, a huge sword shadow, formed in the void together. Terrible sword of the atmosphere, will be all around the twisted together. Boom, bang Accompanied by a burst of shaking loud noise, sword shadow moment will fall on that a few pass on the dragon. Suddenly, the outbreak of a terrible terror, toward the sur.

    Hno Tinnitus I am afraid that even if the Emperor Wu, he can ban it. It can be said that this time the practice, his strength has been a qualitative change. Golden warfare, can enhance the speed of five hundred and twelve times the practice and martial arts martial arts power, and God of War records the seventh of the flesh force, but also enhance the combat power of 120 times. Coupled with the dragon bloody body itself thirty times more blessing, he is now the strongest burst of six hundred and seventy times the combat power. If again into the dragon of the footer, the overall combat power, it is possible to enhance the hundreds of times, compared with before, can be described as bad days do not. The most important thing is that the success of the law, means that he just out of the God of War tower, you can move the power of heaven and earth, down the law of the robbery, cited the power of law, direct breakthrough to the Wuhuang environment. I am afraid I am going out of the need to face the tragedy, will be far more than other Wuhuang. Li Tianyu heart secretly heard, after all, he comprehend the nine rules, including gold, wood, water, fire, soil these five rules, and even can be integrated into a higher level of the big five lines of law. In addition, he will be the god of war to practice the seventh mine to hunt, the same need to spend the world to drop the catastrophe, can continue to improve. In other words, after he goes out, not only need to face the law of the robbery, but also must bear the body laps. The law of chapter 829 does not fall U what s going on Li Tianyu out of the God of War tower, ready to cross the robbery, but shocked to find. Void and there is no catastrophe come, not only the law of the robbery did not appear, even the body laps, but also the delay did not come. The law does not fall, it means that you can not really set foot in the imperial territory. Linger s voice, also at this time sounded. Linger, you know what reason Li Tianyu smile, the Linger asked. I do not hno tinnitus know, you now have the strength, I have not had a poor life, I can access to things, you can basically come into contact, although I became a god of God up, but in practice, can not give you too Funny opinion, let alone, your situation, even in ancient times, has never appeared, never heard of. Silence, the Linger again said. Could it be that I can not set foot in the imperial environment Li Tianyu eyes flashed a touch of helpless color, he thought he had comprehend the law, you can directly through the law of t.han just the emperor alone emperor, the so called emperor, but also his self styled Bale. But they did not even think hno tinnitus about it, rather no lack of heaven and earth recognized the emperor orthodox. Ning no lack of body emitting the kind of golden breath, that is, the whole people of gas by the economy, his every move, can affect the human qi and air transport. So his words, they can directly lead the whole trend of the people, oppression of the field of all people, even the mysterious fairyland Ao Yu, and this can not compete with this group of people luck. There is no shortage of people. Li Tianyu s heart is also could not help but shocked the next, his face full of stunned color. Although he had heard before, Ning no lack of big wish, to re take the road of the emperor, unified family, but he did not think, just a few years time, the other side has come to this step. Ning no lack of the millions of troops, they are all the imperial environment of repair, and most of them are ancient emperor, and even he can also feel a lot of the spirit of the world fluctuations. This also means that Ning no lack of today s power, has far beyond the sky any of the forces of the mainland, regardless of the nine temple or the Dragon family of such an ancient, can not be compared with. As for the lack of their own, Li Tianyu is completely impermeable, although it seems no atmosphere of any fluctuations, but even now he is still able to feel great from each other s threats. Meet the emperor After a moment of silence, including Ao Yu, including all the people, actually involuntarily toward the Ning no lack of a ceremony, respectfully shouted in unison. No one can resist. Only Li Tianyu one person, still standing straight in that, although he also felt the trend of a group of people oppression, but let him no peace worship, it is impossible. Li Tianyu, you can also recognize me. At this time, Ning no lack of natural also saw Li Tianyu, then slowly toward him slowly Road. How is he now Li Tianyu s eyes staring at Ning no lack of back. He is my, I was him. Ning no lack of laugh, and then open the road again. It seems that you have actually won him. Li Tianyu s eyes flashed a touch of Hanmang, cold channel. I said, he volunteered to integrate with me, not to mention, now I, still still no lack, but not before that Ning is not lacking, but the new Ning no shortage. Ning no lack of Li Tianyu hno tinnitus said. I had promised him, and one day I would help him. Li Tianyu cold as a lack of peace, said. I am the emperor, you as Terran.

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