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    Hearing Loss Inner Ear ngth than before I do not know how much strength, I am afraid even if the dragon that respect the ancient emperor Jinlong, has been unable to compete with him. This means that now Li Tianyu, has been able to by virtue of their own power, easy to destroy the whole dragon. Those who betrayed Lin before the people, this time is the heart secretly glad, but fortunately they finally chose to return to the forest camp, otherwise, to Li Tianyu s strength, killing them more than ten thousand people, completely effortless. Human, do you know the dragon At this time, that the Dragon of the ancient emperor Jinlong, and finally recovered, and immediately staring at Li Tianyu eyes, asked, never seen it. Li Tianyu faint back. He did not want to and each other nonsense, just want to kill the eyes of these Dragon, swallowed their fine blood, so that the dragon bloody body to continue to qualify. If his dragon bloody body to achieve a satisfactory level, his strength must at least reach the peak of God. Especially his flesh, I am afraid even if compared with the real cents, it will not differ too much. God environment, the equivalent of fairy heaven heavenly fairy. And really immortal is the real immortal, although only the immortal realm of the lowest one, but also far from fairy comparable. If he can have comparable to the immortal flesh, even if the face of the existence of God, he also has a war of power, and even great hope to win, Why can you turn into jizards Ancient imperial territory Jinlong again asked. I do not need to explain to you, talk nonsense, continue to fight it. Li Tianyu cold voice back. The two sides in the life and death, and the defeated party will even be genocide, he simply too lazy to and the other side nonsense. Today in any case, Dragon, must be off. With his voice falling, a horrible breath, from his body swept out. Suddenly, the surviving tens of thousands of Dragon, only to feel their entire dragon, are a very terrible power enveloped up, They even faint kind of feeling, Li Tianyu only God read a move, this terrible force will directly kill them. and many more At this time, that Jinlong hurriedly shouted a cry. If this fight, the Dragon and Lin can be enemies Dare not have the slightest hesitation, Jinlong then said. Why do you want to fight You are not letting the Dragon come, today to let Lin family extinction Li Tianyu indifferent smile, opening Road. Li Tianyu heard the words, Jinlong eyes could not help but flashed a touch of embarrassment of the color. He dragon mighty, t.t should be immortal. And in the earth, the same should be the case. Xian must be a higher level of existence. Now Lianyin soldiers have appeared, it is estimated that exposure to the existence of immortal, it should not be far away. This is Li Tianyu, it can be considered a good thing. Today s practice, the road of cultivation has been completely different with the sky of the general martial arts, although he opened up the days of heaven and earth, but has been able to control the origin of power, repair seems to be equivalent to the Great Dili, the real strength is enough to match the ancient imperial environment. The most important thing is that he comprehended the mixed road, but the real eternal Heaven, to be completely controlled in the future mixed Yuan Avenue, will be able to set foot in the realm of immortal. These Yin Bing s breath is equivalent to Wu Zong s Wu Xiu, do not know the government in the ten Hall of the Hades, ghost emperor, Pluto these hades of power, how the strength. Looking at the front of the mighty army, Li Tianyu heart secretly heard. From the light brain to get the information ear hissing treatment point of view, the current federal federation, the strength of the strongest is the war gods, on the surface only nine strong war god level. Presumably the existence of these legends, the strength must be in the war on the border, even if not immortal, it should be not far behind. After a long time, the army was finally drifting away, disappeared in the crowd s attention. Call To be the last team Yin Ying not seen, all the people finally heavy sigh of relief. Fortunately, there are priests to remind them that they did not cause the attention of Yin Bing, otherwise, I am afraid they are these people will die no doubt. Our luck is very good, these yin soldiers should be just by virtue of this, not intended to violate the sun room. The priest laughed and said. Everyone heard this are nodded, with a lingering fear of the phase of a glance, actually have a feeling of the rest of his life. Little Taoist, this ancient ruins, really is the tomb of the Qin Dynasty Wu Ling s eyes look to the small priests, asked. Everyone also have eyes will fall on the body of small priests, see the army after the army, their hearts are no longer considered this ancient ruins of the tomb of the Qin Dynasty. At least not just ordinary cemetery so simple, first monotonous black giant bird, fluitend oor now is a terrible army, has been enough to show that they come into contact with another level of existence. In fact, the true age.

    land to reproduce, there must be a sage level existence, but did not think that he saw the first saints, even an alien. Terran, your great courage, dare to kill so many servants. The alien saints spit out a cold voice. T5 N5 P Ninety nine chapters against saints The emergence of alien saints, so that the old man and so on the gray robe is the face of big change, the eye can not help but reveal the color of despair. Even if they get gas transport hearing loss inner ear body, strength than before the powerful several times more than, but in front of the saints, but still like ants in general, there is no power of resistance. Under the saints are ants, this law is no exaggeration of the law. Yes, no matter how strong their strength, how many people, it is still impossible to compete with the saints. To a certain extent, the saints die immortal, the soul sustenance of chaos, even with the saints, want to completely kill a saint, but also extremely difficult. Your majesty, I am afraid we may not be able to live today. Gray robe old man facing Li Tianyu face bitter color Road. Then, his eyes are flashing a touch of thought, said Your Majesty, we will desperately resist him, for you to escape the opportunity. His Majesty, although we can not compete with this alien saints, but we are more than a dozen people together desperately, but also at least to resist his interest in the time. Your majesty, you hurry to escape, I wait for death, you can not die. The other quasi holy, also have hearing loss inner ear opened the way. They can die, but Li Tianyu can not die, because he is contemporary emperor, is the future of the Terran hope. They are from the prehistoric era survived the people, experienced the end of the war, so more clearly what the Emperor said to the Terran, do not they just area quasi holy, even the sage saints, can not be with the emperor Li Tianyu compared to. If so, they are willing to use their own lives, for Li Tianyu live hope. The alien saints, naturally heard the gray robe old man and others, but he still quietly standing there, and did not want to start the meaning, but his eyes, but reveals a disdain for the meaning. In his view, in front of these ants, even want to escape, simply do not know the so called, but he did not rush to kill these people, especially the family of the contemporary emperor. In front of these people s face, playing their royal, would not it be more interesting. And Li Tianyu look at the moment, but it is particularly calm, he naturally know that under the saints are ants, even if he is now the strengt.nly felt scalp tingling. Although this woman is he from the jasper in the release, but he really do not want to have any involvement with each other. After all, from the golden angle Niu Wang, Shao Feng, hearing loss inner ear Jiang Mo three words of the words, he has some speculation that this woman at least is the existence of Taiyi Jixian level, and even most likely to be big Luo Jinxian. This is the hearing loss inner ear existence of even death dead, leaving hearing loss inner ear the corpse, but also absolutely not ordinary, and even called the big terror. To his current strength, let alone the big Luo Jinxian corpse, even if the body of Taiyi Jinxian, he did not dare to easily contact. In particular, this woman, in the prehistoric era already exists, the body was sealed in the jasper retained so far, which must have what is unknown secret. And at this time, Li Tianyu suddenly felt a terrorist force to his whole body wrapped up, no matter how he struggled, can not break free. The next moment, in all the dismay of the eyes, the woman was soaring into the sky, with Li Tianyu together, piercing away. Only a few interest rate, two figure will disappear in the world Vanity, looking at the side of the woman, Li Tianyu only feel the hearts of hair, he has never been so close to a corpse. Moreover, the front of this woman is a corpse, but with the real people, almost no difference, not to mention or a peerless beauty. Most importantly, he can feel that the woman did not communicate with him, but it seems to have a sanity, alive corpse However, he simply telephone hearing test can not break free of women s strength, can only take a step to see. Only hope that the reason why the woman took him, because he broke the jasper, the other rescued from the seal. Although with Li Tianyu, but the woman s speed, is still approaching the extreme, almost instant, you can travel thousands of miles. This is also more Li Tianyu to determine the woman is likely to be a large Luo Jinxian during his lifetime, and not the general big Luo Jinxian. About half an hour later, Li Tianyu found the woman stopped, and eyes look to the bottom. Li Tianyu also looked down, I saw the bottom of a seat with an ancient building, seems to be a tribe, and regardless of size or number, are far beyond the longevity tribe, most likely a top tribe. Because he is in the bottom of a lot of buildings, feel a lot of strong atmosphere, at least are Taiyi Xuanxian, and there are a few breath, reached the level of Jinshan. Eyes turned, Li Tianyu puzzled look at the woman, hearing loss inner ear do not know what the other side to do here But at this him, hearing loss inner ear but the gap is not great. He is very clear, the flesh is their own advantages, but can not really pressure Xing Zhuo, if out of the ancient demon domain, have resumed repair, he really may not be able to compete with each other. It seems that, compared with the real god of heaven, he still has some gaps. Then he turned his eyes, looked Fengxi one, Fengxi is the phoenix goddess, the same is the world Tianjiao, the strength will not be better than Xing Zhuo weak. Moreover, it is said that Fengxi awakened the immortal body, not only has a terrorist force, but also with him, almost hard to be killed. Must break through to the border as soon as possible. Li Tianyu s eyes flashed a touch of edge, although his strength has been enough to contend or even beat the general emperor, but still difficult to compare with the royal world. The eight hundred and seventy chapters of the temple Xing Zhuo s eyes staring at Li Tianyu, although not willing, but he had to admit, in the flesh, he really better than the other side. The most important thing is, the other just that punch, actually let him feel the threat of death. The next time I meet, I will kill you. Xing Zhuo cold said a sentence, they turned directly, quickly left. Li Tianyu did not chase each other, although he by virtue of physical strength, suppressed by the repair of Xing Zhuo, but he is difficult to hurt each other, more likely to kill it. See Xing Zhuo escape, around those Yaozu, are all eyes look at the different eyes of Li Tianyu. The imperial world of human kid, the flesh was so horrible, even the Emperor of the Xing Zhuo, can hearing loss inner ear only escape. Bang At this time, the space suddenly violent tremor. Subsequently, Li Tianyu will find that the bloody sky above those cracks, actually seems to expand a lot, more pure and strong Yaoqi, constantly pouring down. The temple is open. Brisk walking, thousands of years has not opened the demon temple, and finally again opened. All the Yaozu are chewing the color of the excitement toward the front of the convergence away. It seems that our luck is not bad, demon temple even at this time opened. Fengxi is also eyebrows hi color said. Demon temple Li Tianyu some doubts looked at Feng Xi, he is the first time I heard the name of this demon temple. Even even Yuan Hui and Feng dance, are also exposed at a loss of color, obviously, they do not know this demon temple. Demon temple, is the most mysterious existence of Yaozu. Fengxi smiled, then once again said rumors, demon temple in the Pacific era befo.

    Hearing Loss Inner Ear stroy. Li Tianyu naturally did not expect to use a Jian Qi will beat the broken army. Sword out. With Li Tianyu s light drink, mysterious iron sword out of hand, turned into a streamer, piercing the void, an instant, they came to the front of the broken army. Breaking the military face suddenly dismay, stature back away. However, the mysterious iron sword as the tarsal bone maggots in general, tightly followed him, so he had to lift the hands of the fierce spear block. Li Tianyu naturally dare not let the mysterious iron epee directly with the fierce spear collision, after all, fierce spear is beyond the artifact of the innate Lingbao, but also to kill the treasure, I am afraid that only hearing loss inner ear a collision, you can destroy the mysterious iron sword. If only the general weapons, destroyed also destroyed, but the mysterious iron epee, but it is his own life sword, once destroyed, and even directly hurt his soul, so that he was badly hurt. Of course, he just want to use the mysterious iron epee, contain live break the military, so that the other can no longer use fierce spear against the war. The next moment, Li Tianyu s body turned into a half dragon of the footer, followed by golden dragon claws, directly through the void, toward the broken army to kill, where the space, all broken. Turned out to be a dragon bloody body. Not far from the Xiangrong pupil a shrink, see Li Tianyu outbreak of the terrorist strength, he was also happy in the heart, but fortunately just no impulse, otherwise, if he really with this person hands, I am afraid will be no doubt. The bottom of the millions of soldiers, it is completely look to stay. They have seen such a scene, a terrorist strong suddenly turned into a dragon, golden claws directly break the void, if for them, I am afraid that will instantly become jifen. At this point, we saw the right hand holding the fierce spear, constantly blocking the attack of the mysterious iron epee, left hand is boxing toward Li Tianyu dragon claws. Boom Accompanied by a shaking loud noise, Li Tianyu claws and breaking the military fist, severely hit together. Suddenly, the outbreak of the horror of power, directly swept the whole world, violent incomparable strength, and even directly to those who rely on close the soldiers, completely turned out nothing, which even includes a commander of the holy state The This terrible scene, so that all the soldiers have to recede, even if the title Wu Sheng level hearing loss inner ear of the project, nor dare too close. Fresh air dispersed, the space gradually restor., that a dozen large Luo Jinxian, naturally all rushed out to their strength, although unable to kill all the demon birds, but insured but no problem. As for Li Tianyu, Fang Qingxue, Ma Linger, Ye Feixing, hate long days of the five team, it is quite easy. And not the sun and four snow itself is not very weak strength, although it can not be compared with that a dozen large hearing loss inner ear Luo Jinxian, but also enough to be half step big Luo, Li Tianyu alone, you can easily kill all dare to go near the demon bird The In the return on the way, he had spent the second mine robbery, the body once again transformed. Compared with the first crossing robbery, this time he was extremely relaxed, just quietly standing there, let robbery bombardment in their own body. Even if the last one can be the strongest robbery, he is difficult to hurt him. Yes, he is now the flesh strength, even the big Luo Jinxian, or even quasi St., may not be able to match. If you use the war against the holy law, I am afraid even in hearing loss inner ear the face of the general quasi St., he can also get out. A pedestrian did not dare to delay, fast flashing forward, so as not to be surrounded by birds and birds again. Hopefully there will be no more terrible Wicked. A Taiyi gold cents late gray middle aged, a lingering fear of the Road. But his voice has not yet fallen, the crowd will feel a horror of the demon from the crazy behind them flutter. Everyone turned around and saw a huge figure, from behind them quickly chase. This is obviously a demon bird, but this head demon bird s body, than those before at least a thousand times larger, ten thousand times, and the body exudes the breath, but also a million times more powerful. Damn, this crow mouth. Everyone mind Yi Chan, heart can not help but curse a sentence. That gray haired middle aged at the moment is anxious to give their own two slap in the face, nothing blind, and now well, their own hearing loss inner ear words just finished, there was a terrible demon bird. Without the slightest hesitation, the crowd will speed to the extreme, toward the front of the crazy escape. This head demon bird who exudes the breath, has gone beyond the general big Luo Jinxian, even if not yet reached the level of quasi St., I am afraid that the difference is not far. Scattered, otherwise, all of us will be killed by this beast. A young man in the golden fairyland towards the crowd. Finished, his body will flash in the other direction away. Everyone also did not hesitate, and some alone in a direction to escape, and some of the five groups in a ro.

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