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    Hearing Assistance the moment from the fire city, I am afraid there are dozens of. About half a day before the full speed, Li Tianyu came from the fire outside the city. Saw this from the fire wall of the city, was a serious damage, near the building, but also become dilapidated, turned into a ruin. But Li Tianyu can be aware of today s fire from the city, there are still many of the strong flavor of all ethnic groups, obviously, from the fire city has not been occupied by the alien. Lifted the pace, Li Tianyu walked toward the fire from the city. who Li Tianyu set foot from the moment of the fire city, there is a figure piercing from the twinkling of an eye, they fell in front of him. This is a long red hair of hearing assistance the young people, is looking at him with alert eyes, as if at any time may be shot. Li Tianyu. Li Tianyu said to the young man. Li Tianyu The young man heard it was frowned, he should have never seen this person, obviously, the other is not from the fire city of the strong family. But soon, his eyes were suddenly open boss, with incredible eyes looked at Li Tianyu, lips trembling You are emperor Although he is not human family, but also heard that the people of the contemporary emperor has been born, called Li Tianyu. Moreover, a year ago, the emperor still in the Tang Dynasty imperial palace outside the preaching for three months, the matter almost spread throughout the prehistoric land, but also to all the people know the name of the emperor. it s me. Li Tianyu nodded. Please come with me. Get Li Tianyu s confirmation, the youth suddenly quite respectful line of a ceremony, Road. Although he is not Terran, but now all ethnic groups against the alien invasion, coupled with the emperor is the family of the royal family, the status of the equivalent of his phoenix ancestors, he naturally need hearing assistance to give each other enough respect. Subsequently, under the leadership of young people, Li Tianyu came to the hall where the high rise of the various places. See His Majesty. Mu Tao and several sage saints see Li Tianyu, quickly came, respectful line of a ceremony. hearing assistance See the emperor. Other saints of all ethnic groups, also stood up toward Li Tianyu slightly bend, salute Road. Emperor, I am a phoenix ancestor, thank you personally to support me from the fire city. Subsequently, a white hair old man toward Li Tianyu smiled, opening Road. Feng Zu, what is the situation now Li Tianyu nodded slightly, then asked toward the Phoenix ancestors. Now the situation is very optimistic, although all the families have a lar.nd even great power have emerged, they no longer hope. However, they still did not leave, after all, Jinxian all are usually see the first dragon did not see the end, great power has never seen. Now all of a sudden there are so many, they naturally want to stay to see. With the emergence of two great powers, that a dozen gold cents face also sink down, most of them even directly turned, and those Xuanxian and Taiyi Xuanxian the same, hiding in the distance. They are very clear, then there must be a shaking war, if too close, most likely to be affected. Immortal birth, my cow also come to a lively. At this time, the depths of the mountains out of a golden angle cattle, who distributed terror atmosphere. There is another great skill. All the people face aghast, they hearing assistance naturally can feel, gold corner of the body of the breath of cattle, no less than those two great powers, or even faint stronger. Thai early, Tang Hua, Sai Hu three exist in the world, at the moment are all bitter color, they probably can only give up. I did not expect that this fairy tires not only attracted the golden cents, and even alerted the three masterpiece. Li Tianyu Mouguang shining, the hearts of illegal channels soon. Golden angle Niu Wang, you old things, actually not dead. Jin Yi old man brow slightly, eyes look to the golden angle of cattle, opening Road. Shao Feng, you did not die, how could I die. Golden horns of the king of a little back to the sentence. Shao Feng, Jiang Mo, Jingzhou in the southern region, I do not know how many years did not appear this treasure, the original, we have done after a three, the winner can get, but the holy city of the fate of the General Assembly held soon, Presumably you do not want to compete for this immortal injury, missed the fate of the General Assembly, right Golden angle cattle and the king will look to the old man and purple middle aged, once again open the road. Heard this, Shao Feng and Jiang Mo are in silence, it seems that in the discretion of King Kong Niu Wang words. How do you say that After a moment, Shao Feng asked the gold angle Niu Wang said. Jiang Mo s eyes also look to the angle of the King of cattle, waiting for its answer. Since we do not want to hurt or even death, then they blow a blow, who can crush jasper, so Xianzhu really born, then fairies will be owned by all, how King of gold and gold pondered, then open the road. Well, that s it. Shao Feng nodded, replied. Yes. Jiang Mo also nodded his head. I ll come first. King Kong Niu Wang finished, they saw his.

    real flesh and blood, was Li Tianyu blows the body after the bombing, actually made a mass exudes a terrible atmosphere of black gas, once again toward Li Tianyu rushed. Well, it s over, you should return to the source again. Looking at the rushed to the black gas, Li Tianyu look very calm, then his mouth spit out a indifferent voice. With his voice natural ways to cure tinnitus falling, the fate of the heavenly black gas, and instantly vanished. I can not be reconciled With a hissing resounded through heaven and earth, the fate of heaven will completely disappear in front of everyone. King, you killed him Face exposed the color of the Phoenix ancestors, toward Li Tianyu asked. Be it. Li Tianyu chuckle the next, back. He has just been destined to escape the fate of the fate of the ancient days of stripping off the origin, and then from the gods and the goddess of the silk out of the power of the magical harbor, and the fate of the integration of heaven. Then, the fate of heaven, and now the prehistoric land of the new days of integration. This is, he filled with the fate of heaven nowadays the land of the land of prehistoric land, making the whole territory of the earth really perfect. Emperor, you kill the fate of heaven, can be considered to save the land of the prehistoric, please wait for me to worship. Feng Zu toward Li Tianyu deep thanks to the worship, opening Road. Thank God for saving me. The strongest of all ethnic groups, are also no hesitation, toward Li Tianyu thanks Road. You do not need to be so polite. Li Tianyu faint smile, said, then his palm gently waved, suddenly billions of surviving family strong, all feel an irresistible force, they helped up. It also makes them more intuitive feel Li Tianyu s strong, but they did not feel the slightest accident. Dominate, to dominate the existence of everything, can, Li Tianyu is now the only master of the land of the prehistoric land. Moreover, even his fate can easily kill the sky, showing that his strength has reached a very horrible level. Emperor, this war I Phoenix family casualties, I will leave for the time being. Feng Zu toward Li Tianyu a cry, then with the strong people left the Phoenix family. Followed, the strong family also have to leave. Li Tianyu is with all the family strong, returned to the Datang Imperial City Chaos, turbulence, war again and again the prehistoric land, in the fate of Heaven was Li Tianyu beheaded, and finally gradually restored calm. Because of the heavy losses of all ethnic groups, so almost all began to recuperate, I am.le of the valley of God, and we, of course, belong to the valley of God. Chu Mu wind words, so that Li Tianyu and Mu Feng are shocked mind Unfortunately, we, these people, can only be a cannon fodgy. Chu Mu wind sigh, said. His words seem to reveal a bit bitter meaning, the existence of the emperor, even if only the early pre cultivation of the emperor, but also enough outside in the all powerful, by the endless creatures fear, but here, but only cannon fodder, it is some sad. Li Tianyu at this time finally understand why the man said before that did not dare to enter this meteorite valley, even the great emperor even Tian Di environment can only be regarded as cannon fodder, that he is the imperial environment is what Is there any presence of the ancient empire in the three forces Li Tianyu pondered the next, toward the Chu Mu wind asked. There is more ohrpfeifen than one. Chu Mu wind nodded his head and said Those ancient emperor hearing assistance of the existence, I do not know how many years live, the strength is extremely terrible. Do not we say that we are not dead Mu Feng face ugly said. Li Tianyu is also brow wrinkled, he can not even Tian Di environment, not to mention the ancient emperor. Even if he control hearing assistance hearing assistance the ancient emperor of the footer, and can never resist the existence of the ancient emperor, even in the twinkling of an eye, can easily kill him. In general, the ancient emperor will not easily shot, almost every war, by the gods of heaven and earth to make the command, otherwise, there is no need for war, the ancient emperor must really shot, easy to kill We are all. Chu Mu wind slightly shook his head and said As long as we are careful, still have the possibility of surviving. What benefits do we get Li Tianyu asked again. As long as we can kill other forces of the people, you can get meritorious service, to kill a great situation, you can get ten meritorious service, and kill a heavenly territory, you can get a thousand meritorious service, if you can kill an ancient emperor Environment, or even get a million meritorious service. Chu Mu wind smiled and said meritorious service, in exchange for all resources, Emperor, emperor, heaven and earth treasure Road fruit, the territory of the servants, can be exchanged to. Li Tianyu eyes bright, although he control the twelve kinds of law, but can only lead the two principles of power, the power of death and immortal power, the other ten kinds of rules, but can not really control. Because the law does not fall, so he can only hearing assistance rely on the power of the rul.time. Professor Lin is cold as Li Su Su, Chen Sheng Road. Everyone heard it was secretly nodded, indeed so, there is no absolute safe place, such as some people walking in the street may also be a car accident, some people sitting at home, it may suddenly heaven disaster. Li Su Su suddenly speechless, although would like to refute, but feel that the other side is not wrong. I ll stress again, do not just touch anything here. Professor Lin glance at everyone, opening Road. Everyone heard this are nodded promise, with Sun Xu this lesson, where they dare to casually touch anything. move on. Professor Lin said after a cry, they will continue to move forward. Everyone followed, all carefully looked around, or even dare not too heavy breathing, so that lead to disaster. Professor Lin is cold as Li Su Su, Chen Sheng Road. Everyone heard it was secretly nodded, indeed so, there is no absolute safe place, such as hearing assistance some people walking in the street may also be a car accident, some people sitting at home, it may suddenly heaven disaster. Li Su Su suddenly speechless, although would like to refute, but feel that the other side is not wrong. I ll stress again, do not just touch anything here. Professor Lin glance at everyone, opening Road. Everyone heard this are nodded promise, with Sun Xu this lesson, where they hearing assistance dare to casually touch anything. move on. Professor Lin said after a cry, they will continue to move forward. Everyone followed, all hearing assistance carefully looked around, or even dare not too heavy breathing, so that lead to disaster. The ninth hundred and sixty six highlights the strange A pedestrian out of the last palace, actually found that they seem to have come to another world. Although there is no sky, there is no sun and moon stars, but there are mountains and rivers. People only feel that they seem to have come to an ancient jungle, where each of the trees are at least a few hundred meters high, and even if they are a dozen hands in hand, it is difficult to ring a tree. These towering trees, should be retained from the hearing assistance ancient rare species. Professor Lin Moulu said the different color. Other people are all excited about the color, they are all archaeological students, found that there is no outside the rare old trees, they naturally feel excited. Then everyone took out the portable light brain, detailed records of these old trees data. Li Su Su and Wu Ling, naturally there is no exception, are walked next to an old tree, carefully studied and recorded. Li Tianyu s eyes are looking over the jungle, a.

    Hearing Assistance $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/\\r\\n/\', \'.\'.chr(13).chr(10), $txt2);, she is only quietly standing there, as if not heard To the general. Communication can not escape, so he can only give up, let the other side with a destruction of another tribe Genting ancient mountains, is a vast ancient mountains, stretching hundreds of thousands of miles, straight towering sky. A month later, two figure appeared at the foot of the mountain, naturally Li Tianyu and the woman. Lifted the pace, the woman walked step by step toward the Genting Hill. Although Li Tianyu quite puzzled, why women do not fly directly, but he can only follow the other side up the mountain. In the hearing assistance foot of the ancient mountains on the foot of the hno tinnitus moment, Li Tianyu will find the exception, where the space, actually no Xianqi presence. To know, destiny in the world, filled with a very strong Xianqi, which is the world of immortal world immortal foundation. And in this ancient mountain, not even the slightest cents, meaning that here will not be able to practice cents law, even if there is no special means, the general Xian Xiu came here, it is difficult to survive. Roar The ear faint there is a road of terror beast came, so that Li Tianyu can not help brow wrinkled. These beasts roar contained in the atmosphere, at least equivalent to Taiyi Xuanxian, on behalf of, in this ancient mountains, there are a lot of demons. In the world of destiny, the equivalent of Taiyi Xuanxian Yaozu and Wicked, are known as the big demon, and the equivalent of Jinxian Yaozu and Wicked, was called the demon king. The ninth chapter of the white jade palace The With the more and more close from the Peak, Li Tianyu seems to have been able to feel a lot comparable to the fairy fairy King cents. And even occasionally feel comparable to the masterpiece of the peerless demon king breath, so that he only felt as if into a very powerful demon world. But, although able to feel a lot of powerful demon of the atmosphere, but the way came, they did not encounter a demon attack. As for why so, Li Tianyu guess should be related to women. After all, the woman is the big Luo Jinxian corpse, can be described as big terror, those demons and how dare to close. After a moment, Li Tianyu finally followed the woman came to the top of the mountain top of Genting, where the clouds filled, and even faint bright spots flashing out. Li Tianyu at the moment, just like exposure to Genting top, presumably this should be the origin of the name of Genting ancient mountains. Well that s Suddenly, Li Tianyu Mouguang slightly a condensate, I sa.

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