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    Geräusche Im Kopf Ursachen geräusche im kopf ursachen color of surprise. Sure enough, he was the same as before, the strength can not be used to measure the realm of repair. Fang Qingxue and Ma Linger s eyes, also exposed the plume of color. Ye Feixing and hate the strength of the two long days, also are not weak, they followed Li Tianyu, Fang Qingxue. Ma Ling children s side, to kill the demon around the birds. Five of them quite understanding of the composition of a small team, and the core of the team, nature is the strongest Li Tianyu. what At this point, a screams came, so that everyone is the eyes of micro tremor, obviously, someone was demon bird killed. Although with their strength can easily kill the eyes of these demon birds, but the number of demon birds is too much, almost endless. The most frightening is that the strength of the demon bird seems to be growing, as if they kill a group of demon birds, the emergence of a group of demon birds, the strength will be much stronger than before. what With the passage of time, more and more casualties, everyone feels more and more difficult. Their number is decreasing, and the number of demon birds is still endless, and even more and more strong, the shift, if you continue this way, they will eventually be consumed dead. Damn, these half man demon demon birds how so much, how to kill are killed. Someone could not help whispering. The number of these birds is too much, it is impossible to kill light, we directly rush out, otherwise, in the event of stronger demon birds, we will be trapped here. A big Luo Jin Wonderland middle aged opening Road. Everyone heard this are nod promised, then have rushed away in one direction. More than a dozen large Luo Jinxian open geräusche im kopf ursachen in front, continue to kill the block in front of their demon birds. Li Tianyu five people, also with the crowd, toward the front rush away. To geräusche im kopf ursachen the strength of five of them, those demon birds simply can not close, all were instantly kill. The eight hundred and thirteenth chapter is an ominous lamp About two hours later, a line of talent finally from the almost endless demon bird army rushed out. However, the original hundreds of people, but only a hundred or more people, all others naturally all died in those half man demon demon bird s hand. These demon birds seem to have a person s head, so much stronger than those of ordinary Wicked, and even they can cast demon law, power can not be better than cents cents, even more strange and difficult to prevent. Also because of this, more than two hundred Taiyi Jinxian, all died dead. Of course.not know how to answer. Seeing, everyone is his face slightly Shen, it is clear that those who have been arrested, will become the blood of the souls of food. Even those of them, even with Li Tianyu joined the longevity tribe, it may not be safe. You have all heard that this world is much more dangerous than we thought, though we are now out of the captivity of the longevity tribe, but then it is likely to be attacked by other tribes. Eyes turned, Li Tianyu toward the crowd said Now, you have two options, one is to flee their own away, as to how the fate of the final, they each with good fortune. Second, you can follow me to join the longevity tribe, but I can not promise, we will be able to guarantee your safety. Hear the words of Li Tianyu, everyone is in silence. They naturally understand that in this destiny world, must be a serious crisis. Just a longevity tribe, they almost let millions of people annihilated, if again by those stronger tribal attacks, I am afraid they will die. The most important thing is that although their cultivation and strength, in the sky of the continent, almost has reached the pinnacle level, but in this fate the world, but can only be regarded as the bottom. Because it seems to be immortal world, and they, even the real immortal have not yet come into contact with. Do not say that those stronger, even if only true immortal, can easily kill them. Can be said that if they choose to flee, will be a dead end. However, even if they follow Li Tianyu join the longevity tribe, it may not be able to have a good end. Because they are very clear, a tinnitus association although the strength of Li Tianyu strong, but it must not be with the immortal, mysterious cents, and even Tai Xuanxian this powerful presence to compete. I am afraid to join the longevity of the tribe, Li Tianyu even self insurance are a problem, how can geräusche im kopf ursachen they protect these hundreds of people Tianyu, do you really want to join the longevity tribe Linger looked puzzled Li Tianyu, asked. Well, if we want to live in this destiny world, we must join a tribe. Li Tianyu nodded, back, Of course, he has to join the longevity tribe, is not covet what immortal law, nor is to find a patron, but want to temporarily stabilize, and then through the longevity tribe, gradually understand this strange world. And if there is a chance, he intends to take control of the longevity tribe. After all, he is not a person now, in addition to a linger and the Black Emperor, there are King wind more than a hundred more than the temple of the people, he mu.

    Li Tianyu nodded, he naturally hope that the sooner the better. Immediately, Li Tianyu, Yuan Hui, Fengxi, Feng dance four, then left the Fengqi Mountain, gallop away toward the days of the city. Wan demon tower, although the shape is a pagoda, but the inside is a true independent of the small world, and even can be said that the demon tower, is the real demon of the field. Nether above the Fengxi toward Li Tianyu said. World demon tower in the world, is the real demon of the field Li Tianyu heard can not help but eyes micro condensate, it seems that the demon domain and he did not see so simple. In the demon tower, there are many Yaozu, and most of them belong to the ancient Yaozu, that Fan geräusche im kopf ursachen Hao is one of the ancient Yaozu seven princes. Feng Xi continued geräusche im kopf ursachen Even, there are still thousands of demons tower really Xiongshou beast. I have also heard that there are real Taiku ape in the demon tower. Yuan Hui also suddenly said, his eyes full of looking forward to the color If I can get the legend of the ancient magic ape, you can immediately set foot in the border. Although you have the blood of the Swire magic ape, but if you encounter the real ancient magic ape, is still a dead end. Fung is a faint glimpse of Yuan Hui one, said to your imperial environment for repair, into the demon tower, even if only met the general Swire and the beast, you survived the opportunity, but also very slim. If before, I can not easily enter the demon tower, but now, I have enough to grasp. Yuan Hui smiled and replied. Finished, his body actually blooming out of a bright golden Huaguang. Nine turn Xuan Fu seventh heavy. Li Tianyu Moulu strange look at Yuan Hui. Chapter eight hundred and sixty seven chapters of the field of demons Although Yuan Hui itself has the immortality of the repair, but in such a short period of time, will be nine to Xuanfu practice to the seventh, still let Li Tianyu feel quite unexpected. You know, nine turn Xuan Gong is the level of the Imperial Class of refining practice, the difficulty of practice is far more than the general imperial power law. Even his own, if not the basis of God of War catalog, it is impossible for just a few years time, they will be nine to Xuanfu practice to nine re finished. No, nine turn Xuan Gong more suitable for Yuan Hui practice Li Tianyu heart secretly heard, he now seems to only think so, or that only can this be explained well After all, only half a day, Yuan Hui will be nine turn Xuan Gong practice to the seventh heavy, can simply use the speed to described However, at least need to have the Lord God of repair, within the world can be transformed into a complete big world, can give birth to life. The sky world, is it a god or even the Lord God on the inner world Heard no phase, then Li Tianyu secretly thought. If that is the case, who is now life is dead He naturally know that to their current repair, not enough to touch this level. Moreover, he is most concerned about, but how to return to the past world of the earth. Now that there are many worlds between the world, but also let him firmly back to the idea, as long as the world to find the channel, you can shuttle these world, and ultimately return to Earth. Of course, with his current strength, I am afraid that is not enough to do this. Think of this, Li Tianyu heart of the desire for strength, but also become more urgent. Well, the world will soon disappear, you can leave. No phase toward the crowd said soon after, the body actually gradually illusory, and finally disappeared. Linger, we go. Li Tianyu smiled at Linger, said. Yep. Linger nodded, then the two figure flashed away. So let him leave Looking at Li Tianyu away from the back, killing Wang Moulu said coldly. The strength of both of them is on top of us, and even if we are three together, we may not be able to leave them. Qinglian Wang Shen Sheng said. God of the inheritance, ah, you willing Extremely fire king is also quite ugly face said. That five days later, this time the face, but also very ugly. They and the puppet army fighting for nearly two months time, finally came to the end of the road through God, but all efforts, but for Li Tianyu done a wedding dress, the territory of his inheritance. I can not be reconciled. Killing the king cold voice said. How can not be reconciled Qinglian Wang wry smile, said His strength is stronger than us, now get the gods heritage, strength will be greatly improved, unless we can break through the ancient emperor, otherwise, simply impossible from his hand In the spirit of recapture. Then he turned his eyes and looked at the very fire king, and said, Is not he who is your valley of God Maybe you can use this to count him. Let us leave here first, and then all together, will let him surrender the gods. Extremely fire king nodded his eyes flashed a touch of Limang Out of the miracle of the world, Wang Ruoxie put Linger into the God of War tower, after all, he got the gods heritage, is likely to provoke someone else s coveted. He can not naive to think that the fire of the king of these no hesitation, Li Tianyu directly to the footsteps, went to a Bana before the hand, ready to pick up. But at this time, that Bana flowers above, actually blooming a layer of gray light curtain, so that his palm can no longer forward half points. Moreover, he can feel that this layer of gray light curtain contains a very strong death of the power, if he has comprehend the law of death, I am afraid in this moment, it will be the death of the force of death and death. Means that even if the other outsiders to find the Bana, can not be removed, unless he, like comprehending the law of death, of course, if the strength is strong enough to resist the invasion of the power of death, naturally can easily be removed. Do you want this flower At this time, the woman s eyes to see Li Tianyu, asked. Well, I need to use it to enhance repair. Li Tianyu nodded directly. Well, then I help you. The woman smiled, then also lifted the pace, went to the other side of the shore before the flowers, I saw her out of that slender hand, easily through the layer of death from the power of the condensed gray light curtain. Without any accident, the woman directly picked the Biaohua Biaohua, then handed it to Li Tianyu, said to you. Thank you. Li Tianyu did not hesitate to take the Bana, and then it will be included in the storage ring. Although he did not know why the woman to help themselves, but he really need to Bana now. Next, the woman to help Li Tianyu all the Bana all the removal of an empty Do not geräusche im kopf ursachen you need it Li Tianyu some doubts looked at the woman, asked. Although these flowers contain a very strong death of the power, but no use to me. The woman shook her head with a smile and replied. Heard this, Li Tianyu did not ask again, with dozens of Bana, he can at least be able to raise the rules of death to small level. In other words, he can in the short term, a direct breakthrough to the mid Wu period. I am now the strength, you can geräusche im kopf ursachen be beheaded the general period of the emperor, if the breakthrough to the mid Wu, I am afraid even if the Emperor Wu, I can a war. Li Tianyu mind secretly thought. Just to the time, he wanted to upgrade, I am afraid it will be tough. After all, Wuhuang environment is different from the Wu Sheng environment, repair for the upgrade, is no longer a simple concise force and perception of the realm, but the need to enhance the level of the law. If you can not understand a higher level of law, even if practicing for centuries, thousands of years, or even more time, can not continue to e.

    Geräusche Im Kopf Ursachen ven even if Is a saint, it is difficult to resist the terrible power of chaos. It seems to me that it is the most primitive way, and the strength of the origin of power, even if it is those who control the eternal heaven of the holy king, nor can I compare with my way. Li Tianyu s eyes emerge a touch of faint smile, preaching for three months, he finally had comprehend, embarked on his own way into the road. Moreover, he walked the road, seems to be an unprecedented way, but also the strongest road. Although he did not have any repair, even the flesh, it seems to disappear, but he felt, a more powerful force, integration in his flesh and blood, or even every cell. His body is a weapon, he casually hit a blow, can contain the strongest power. Although he did not really understand the control of their own now the flesh, but he felt that their current strength, has been far beyond the previous oneself. That is to say, now his strength, I am afraid that has gone beyond the saints, reached the level of the holy king, and not the general King of the king comparable. Until now, he finally had the battle with the fate of heaven that is about to fight back. Although he did not know the fate of heaven, and now reached what level, but there must be no domination of the master, otherwise, the other simply no need to control the alien invasion of the land. To his current strength, even if can not beat or even beheaded the fate of heaven, it should have a war of power. I do not know how long it will go back. Li Tianyu muttered, then stature slightly Yi Chan, they directly back to the walls of the Datang geräusche im kopf ursachen palace. That tens of millions of Terran strong seems to have been dispersed, obviously, his proof, must spend a short time. Ah, the third mine robbery is coming. At this point, he suddenly felt that his third mine robbery, it seems coming soon. God of War records of the seventh heavy mine hijack, he has spent two lightning robbery, left seven times. But he has now proven sermon, and the flesh is more comparable to the king, but also makes his past life created by this God of War catalog, no longer apply to his present situation. However, with his current realm, can completely modify the Ares catalog behind the door, making it more suitable for their own, and even make their own strength, once again enhance a geräusche im kopf ursachen level. Perhaps, he wanted to defeat the fate of heaven, really need their own God of War as a fundamental record, creating a stronger way. Past life of his repair and vision, far less than now, so he and more rich, although they do not know Li Tianyu s real repair, but the hearts are also speculation, it must be a very strong martial arts strong, and the background must not general The After all, cold home in Qinghe City, can be regarded as the overlord of the general existence, no one dares to easily provoke their majesty. Li Tianyu dare to cold Xu hands, it shows that he not only has this strength, there is enough to compete with the cold forces. Lifted the pace, Li Tianyu went to the front of cold Asahi, overlooking each other, indifferent, said Three million federal currency, to you Give me Cold Xu heard hurriedly open Road, he dare not give it Three million ringing in ears otc treatment federal currency, almost all of his net worth, but also can not be compared with life. You give me the citizen card, and I will transfer it to you. Cold as some difficult to stand up, lips trembling said. Citizen card Li Tianyu brow slightly wrinkled, he naturally will not have any citizen card, then turned his head, toward Meng Yao said Give your citizens card to him. Oh oh Meng Yao heard a slight stunned, then nodded, went to Li Tianyu side, remove a palm of the size of the crystal card, and handed the cold Asahi. Leng Xu also geräusche im kopf ursachen take out their own citizens card, suddenly two virtual projection appears, followed by a few simple steps after the operation, they will be three million federal currency, transferred to the Mengyao citizens card. Meng Yao hand trembling took tinnitus viva forum the citizen card, this moment, she only felt his citizens card, seems heavy heavy times, just because the above more than three million federal currency. Three million federal currency, for her, that is, astronomical figures, even if hard work for life, can not earn, but did not expect, just a moment of effort, her citizens card, then more of this life want to Dare not think of wealth. Although she is very clear that this wealth does not belong to their own, but even if only a short ownership, but also let her have a sense of satisfaction. Come on. Li Tianyu Mengyao chuckled at the next, said. Meng Yao nodded slightly, then the two walked forward. Boy, I m going to cut you down. Looking at Li Tianyu geräusche im kopf ursachen gradually farther back, cold Xu look geräusche im kopf ursachen become more and more hideous, mouth issued a cold voice. From small to large, he has never eaten such a big loss, not only was seriously wounded, but also extorted the three million federal currency, such a humiliation, only with each other s blood, to wash. Soon after, dozens of roller coaster from heaven, from the top down.

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