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    Conductive Hearing Loss Noise Induced toward Yuan Hui said. Refining the body exercises. Yuan Hui eyes shining conductive hearing loss noise induced looked at Li Tianyu, opening Road. Feng Wei Ling, although precious, but far from the top of the refining practice compared to Li Tianyu indifferent smile, opening Road. I know that as long as you are willing to give me practice, I can promise you any conditions. Yuan Hui quickly open Road, although he also know that his request is too much, but he really want to get each other s refining practice. In his view, even the weak human, can be practiced physically so horrible, not to mention the possession of the ancient magic ape blood of him. If he can get this powerful practice, his strength will be able to get a great leap, even with the Emperor to contend, it is not impossible. I can give you, but you have to follow me for a hundred years. Li Tianyu chuckle, toward Yuan Hui said. For this has a Swire magic ape blood Yuan Hui, conductive hearing loss noise induced he d have a little interest, if the future grow up, it should be a good helper. Of course, he intends to give each other s refining exercises, naturally will not be God of War catalog, but the full version of the nine turn Xuan Gong. This nine turn Xuan Gong, the first six heavy he was from the Warlord, and the last triple, but from the fate of compass, if not the last triple, nine turn Xuanfu up to the level of the imperial class, And the full version of the nine turn Xuan Gong, but it is the level of refining the body by the law, if the practice conductive hearing loss noise induced to nine turn, condensed nine to war body, even if the flesh, but also the same order invincible, and even easy to leapfrog challenge. Well, I promised. Almost without the slightest hesitation, Yuan Hui will be excited about the color of the promise. For almost endless life of him, a hundred years simply nothing, and sometimes even his nap, may be more than a thousand years. Not to mention, as long as you can get that top of the refining exercises, let alone just a hundred years, even millions of years, he will directly agree. Come on, take me to the man who fooled you. Li Tianyu nodded, then toward Yuan Hui said. Subsequently, under the leadership of Yuan Hui, Li Tianyu came to an ancient building before. The walls of the building above, portrayed countless birds, most of which seem to be the legendary Phoenix Bird. Ok Li Tianyu eyes micro condensate, these birds and birds pattern lifelike, especially the Phoenix Bird, like a real general, it seems that at any time may fly from the wall, turned into a real Phoenix. Smelly woman, give me roll out, dare to l.At least he himself, can not do it at all. this is Fengxi and Feng dance are looking at the same eyes Yuan Hui. conductive hearing loss noise induced They do not know what this gold Huaguang on behalf of what, do not know why Yuan Hui will be so sure, to the immortality of the repair of thousands of demon tower. It was Yuan Hui at the moment of the heart, very excited. Only his own clear, the nine turn Xuanfu practice to the seventh heavy, his body seems to have a qualitative change. If the first one on the flesh, I am afraid even the general big, it can not be compared with him now. He is confident, if turned into the body, and Li Tianyu can be the same as the imperial environment of the repair or even beheaded. This is only practicing to the seventh heavy, if the practice to nine re successful, will be more powerful. This is what I pass to him, he said. Li Tianyu smile, the opening Road. So it is. Li Tianyu heard the words, Fengxi and Feng dance are slightly nodded, but they are refining the body exercises, but it seems conductive hearing loss noise induced that no interest. For their Phoenix family, the flesh is no need to practice, born very powerful. Moreover, they are almost very few people with the body hard to shake, just release the Phoenix fire, you can easily kill the enemy. About half an hour later, a line of four people will come within the days of the city. At this time in front of them, with a heavenly tower. Towering towers, stands between heaven and earth. A plume like a real Yaoqi, filled around the pagoda. Obviously, this is Fengxi said million demon tower. This is not the god of Feng family Fengxi it Guta s entrance, brought together a lot of Yaozu, and repair actually almost all reached the imperial environment. Fengxi is the phoenix goddess, but also the world Tianjiao, regardless of appearance or qualification, are the crown of the absolute generation, naturally there are many Yaozu recognize her to come. And Feng dance, although the feather family of the royal family of women, but still can not be compared with Fengxi, at least not enough to cause their attention. As for the only imperial repair of Li Tianyu and Yuan Hui, they were directly ignored. There are at least hundreds of royal family Yaozu, demon domain really very simple. Li Tianyu eyes glanced around those Yaozu, the hearts of secretly contemplation. This can also explain that the demon tower is indeed the biggest mystery of the demon domain, otherwise, it will not attract so many emperor Yaozu come. Feng Xi, did not think you have come, as you and I break together with the demon to.

    es of the world treasure, in order to enhance the level of the law, and the real force of the law. Fruit, but also has a great attraction to him. Wu Huang want to break into the territory of Emperor Wu, must lead the way, and then the rule of the flower as a fundamental, bear fruit, can really set foot in the imperial environment. If he can get a way of death or immortal road fruit, then he can use the implication of the path, the achievements of the territory of the emperor. Of course, the fear is not so easy to get. Although his current strength, you can kill the general big emperor, but dare to enter the meteorite conductive hearing loss noise induced valley of the people, the strength is far from the general order of the same person, and the days of the territory of the strong, he is now unable to compete with. As for the existence of the ancient emperor, not to mention almost no war, even if the real encounter, the death will only be him. Do not resist. At this point, Li Tianyu where the gods of the team, suddenly open Road. Then, I saw that God so that the palm of your hand, suddenly a star point together, toward the crowd flying. Then, Li Tianyu will feel one of the stars, not into their own eyebrows. Camp God Valley, the realm Wuhuang successful, and so on disabilities, meritorious service zero, title no. The next moment, Li Tianyu s mind, they emerge out of a message. Obviously, this is his identity information. Li Xiong, Chu brother, do you have Mu Fengmou exposed different colors Li Tianyu and Chu Mu wind, asked. The two are nodded, those who did not enter their eyebrows at the star point, should be equivalent to their identity to the character, not only record their information, but also let them distinguish their camps, so as not to fight up, manslaughter Own people. Li Tianyu looked at the gods, suddenly a message appeared out. Camp God Valley, the realm the days of the emperor, the order will, meritorious service 13,000, title ninth God. Chapter 875 Seal space From the information obtained, the god of the name of Liang Ze, God is the valley of the ninth gods. Tian Tian mid repair, it is enough to command them nearly a thousand people. At this time, another god wearing a black cloak, appeared in front of everyone. See the third god to make an adult. I saw the other gods, who are toward his respectful ceremony. Li Tianyu eyes will fall on the third god of the body, there is a message emerge out. Camp God Valley, the realm the late days of heaven, the order handsome, meritorious 56,000, title the third god. Obviously.sure her. The most important thing is that the woman who exudes the breath, even more than half the level of Valkyrie Wen Ling cream even more powerful. Women appear in the moment, almost everyone felt a horror of the power and influence spread in space, in addition to a few people who have not been the slightest impact, most people are unable to help the conductive hearing loss noise induced element force, to resist this pressure. Meet the spirit of the moon on the respect. Including Wen Ling cream, including all the people of the palace, are respectful towards the woman to do a ceremony. She was the month of the moon. All the eyes are a condensate, mind can not help but trembling. Month respect, but the moon on the generation, and even on the generation, and even more distant gods of the title. To know, can become the palace of the goddess, regardless of appearance or qualification, are far more than others. For this Ling Lan respect, they are all heard, Ling Lan respect is only the first generation of the palace of Goddess, but regardless of qualification or appearance, are far beyond the moon in recent generations of all gods. It is said that Ling Lan respect when the young, is the crown of the ancient generation of heavenly arrogance, to the age of twenty years old, broke into the imperial environment, thirty years old will set foot in the ancient emperor of the environment. After a few decades, Ling Lan respect is to step by step Valkyrie level of strength, sweeping all the same order of the contemporary strong, moving the world. But I do not know what the reason, Ling Lan month on the last suddenly disappeared, never appeared again, some people say she is dead, some people say she has left the sky continent, looking for a breakthrough to the territory of conductive hearing loss noise induced the opportunity. Now, the long lost Linglan month again appeared in front of everyone, especially in such a peerless appearance, so that they can not help but feel shocked inexplicable. King wind, is your sword temple bully my moon no one Ling Lan s eyes fell on the King of the wind, slowly opening Road. Ling Lan predecessors, you misunderstood, but my disciples said a few words of nonsense. King wind only feel a terrible coercion in their own body, then toward Ling Lan slightly over hand, opening Road. Although from the appearance point of view, Ling Lan is much younger than the King, but no matter the real age or repair for the strength, Ling Lan are far above the King of the wind, so he called the other party predecessors, is also should be. Hear the King of the wind,, between heaven conductive hearing loss noise induced and earth came a loud drink. Then, everyone saw a layer of light curtains falling from the sky, all of them are shrouded up. Everyone felt only an inexplicable force oppression in their own body, then they found horror, they could no longer flee the flight. Chapter 933 of the spear of the prestige Lock a large array, there is no killing of the Granville, but it can block space. Regardless of the environment or the spirit of the environment, and even even the mysterious fairyland Ao Yu, are unable to fly again. This is enough to show that the bronze medal of the world s local people, not only extraordinary strength, and the means are extremely strong. Most importantly, they do not seem to want to kill all the people on the mainland of the sky, but want to catch them. With the passage of time, the sky of the mainland camp people, more and more casualties, captured more naturally. Even if they die in their hands of the local people and many, but still can not stop the trend of defeat. Even the endless million that army, but also suffered heavy losses. Listen to my order, the whole army rush out. Ning no lack of still standing on the dragon chariot, there is air transport dragon body care of him, it touches and not as awkward as other people. However, he did not dare to love war, after all, if his millions of troops are broken, then he is not no tinnitus onderzoek one available. Black Emperor, the space was blocked, can you break the array Li Tianyu turned conductive hearing loss noise induced his eyes and asked toward the Dark Emperor. District lock empty array, but also difficult to the emperor. Black Emperor Moulu disdain back. Well, you broke out as soon as possible, we kill. Li Tianyu nodded. The black god did not hesitate, stature blink out. Then, a black flame from his bloom, toward the void that layer of light curtain rushed. Bang At this point, a Road contains violent evil force of the attack, came against the Black Emperor killed. Obviously, those local people also found the action of the Black Emperor. Roar Black Emperor soon roar, suddenly his body directly into the fighting form, open as if swallow days bite the giant mouth, directly toward the other camp a suction Almost no power of the slightest resistance, instant, at least thousands of people, was swallowed into the belly of the Emperor. Bang At this time, Li Tianyu heard a loud noise around, then turned his head and looked, actually saw a huge yellow elephant palm, fell on the Linger who. Linger s body was directly lifted off the fly, although not seriously inju.

    Conductive Hearing Loss Noise Induced e, to enhance the speed is not slow. The crowd of Li Tianyu, will look to one of the saints, impressively is a long time no see Ning no lack. However, Ning is no lack of evidence of sanctification, and he is flesh sanctification, if the strength of a single, he has a full grasp of the beat each other. And today, when they are two to solve all the resentment. As for the other saints, he did not know, but from the other side with the lack of intimate performance, it is estimated that will support the lack of successor imperial orthodoxy. Your Majesty, Kyrgyzstan has arrived, please also boarded the closure of the temple, to sacrifice heaven and earth, heir imperial orthodoxy. At this point, that middle aged look saints, toward the Ning no lack of Road. summen im ohr ursache Please His Majesty Deng Feng Zen, heir imperial orthodoxy. Please His Majesty Deng Feng Zen, heir imperial orthodoxy. Please His Majesty Deng Feng Zen, heir imperial orthodoxy Followed by the two behind the nearly ten thousand strong, have also shouted up. Subsequently, hundreds of thousands of people around the family, also followed by shouting. Hum The next moment, heaven and earth tremor, a huge envelope on the above, a plume of bright gold pouring down, at the same time, a vast majestic atmosphere, filled in the space. At this time, Ning no lack of footsteps, walked toward the top of the building. With every step of his step, the atmosphere of the atmosphere is also more and more intense. Ang Accompanied by a shaking Dragons, a Baizhang size of the nine jaws gas Jinlong, in the Ning no top of the top of the cohesion made. This conductive hearing loss noise induced is the air transport dragon even reached the size of Baizhang, it seems that His Majesty is really contemporary emperor. My family can have such a powerful person to lead, will be able to disdain the entire prehistoric land, the other of those groups, will eventually be my family suppression. The crowd is heard bursts of exclaimed. Soon, in the crowd shook the eyes, that gas Jinlong, actually would rather lack of body wrapped up, and finally is turned into a golden dragon robe crown. His Majesty, how to do, if he was the first successor to the emperor orthodoxy, even if you have people who gas transported body, it is not really emperor, From the meteorite eyebrow exposed anxious color toward Li Tianyu Road. Although he also saw the lack of gas on the body of the Golden Dragon, the slightest no less than Li Tianyu, and rather lack of it is already proven sermon, but in his eyes, Li Tianyu still ortho.precisely because of this, no phase can change their appearance, and this change, and even almost able to copy each other s everything. The origin of the magic, actually can be by the virtual reality. Li Tianyu s minds of micro shock, before he was beheaded in the gods beheaded those puppets, even all by the Tuo with the origin conductive hearing loss noise induced of magic, emerge out of a special existence. Magic ring Road tactics. This is a Tuo practice of a Taoist, Emperor of the above exercises, but also by Li Tianyu inheritance of the fundamental. Li Tianyu naturally clear this magic ring Road tactics of the powerful, just empty the creation of this point, I am afraid that is far from the general Tao comparable. Of course, want to reach this level, he must first control the magic of the origin of the job. Next, Li Tianyu began to see the illusory magic tactic, perception of the origin of magic. Soon, he felt as if he had entered the sleeping, the mind is I do not know where to go. With the passage of time slowly, his ear problems ringing mind seems to cross the endless sky, back to the past world of the earth. I am back Or that all before, is nothing more than a dream Li Tianyu exclaimed. Is the eight hundred and ninety eight chapters come back Looking around all the familiar, high rise buildings, pedestrian vehicles, Li Tianyu completely shocked. Did he really come back From the Budokan world, back to the earth filled with modern city atmosphere Or that he has been on earth, never left, that he had conductive hearing loss noise induced experienced everything, but what is it, just do a dream Li Tianyu thought that this is only his practice of magic mirror Road tactics, perception of the magic of the Road, then the illusion of it, but he is clearly felt that everything is so real. Blue sky, fresh air, the space can not feel any Xianqi, even Reiki, is also extremely thin. It also made him more sure that he really came back. To know that the original is because the earth s Aura extremely thin, he had to give up the practice of martial arts, and ultimately to great perseverance, great wisdom, created a special body of the God of War catalog, the body is also a unique body of concise The My cultivation is Li Tianyu s eyes flashed a touch of color, because he even found that their cultivation, seems to be completely banned. Not only that, God of War tower and heaven and earth, have also been banned. For this, he is not too surprised, after all, the earth and the sky is two different worlds, and even even the world avenue, also has a great difference. At first he was on earth, practi.

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