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    Tinnitus Ringing catch ordinary Wu tinnitus ringing Xiu. Li Tianyu and the Black Emperor alone, at least let him get a thousand items of fairy prizes. Subsequently, under the leadership of Zhu Ze, everyone entered a similar castle in the ancient buildings. After a moment, they will see the mouth of the mouth of the adults in the mouth. This is a golden robe wearing a middle aged man, real fairyland later repair. King Luo is longevity tribe hundreds of real fairyland one of the command, control million to immortal army. Zhu Ze is the one million troops in the general squad captain, angel early repair. Meet the King Luo adults. Zhu Ze toward the King Luo respectful line of a ceremony. Zhu Ze, you are not following the elders of high Yu, to the sky at the entrance of the tinnitus ringing mainland, for the British to catch the blood of the food it How come back so soon Jingluo looked at the light of a glance, opening Road. King Luo adults, they will come from the sky, the two brothers, it is a rare genius strong, so I would like to invite them to join my longevity tribe. Zhu Ze quickly open the way back. Hear the words of Zize, Jing Luo turned his eyes, glanced at the crowd, then the eyes fell on Li Tianyu and the body of the Black Emperor, suddenly eyebrow unhappy color. Illegal Road, I wish this is more and more will not work, and these even immortal are not really ants, there is no qualification to join the longevity tribe, the only use, is to become the soul of the blood food. However, in the King Luo to see Li Tianyu behind the Ling Lan month respect, moonlight and other moon of the people, the eye can not help but reveal the slightest hot color. I do not know how long, longevity tribe did not appear such a beauty of beauty. Even if there is an occasional, but also simply not his turn. tinnitus ringing Did not think that today tinnitus cure ginkgo he was so lucky, one time there are dozens of beautiful woman. Immediately, he secretly decided that the dozens of women, all belong to him King Luo. As for other people, naturally all sent to the ancestral land, blood sacrifice. Feeling King Luo full of aggressive eyes, Ling Lan month respect, moonlight and others, are Xiu Mei Xiaocu, looking quite ugly. King Luo adults At this time, Zhu Ze toward the King Luo shouted out, interrupted the thoughts of King Luo. Zhu Ze, the matter you do well, I decided to reward you two thousand under the Lingshi. Jing Luo nodded with satisfaction at the point of hope, said. Thank you, Jing Luo adults. Heard this, Zhu Ze cheeky excitement of the color, two thousand offerings Xian Shi, enough f.he Holy King, Buddha far more than that time. But, this forgotten river Hanoi of the nether of the water, obviously to be much more tinnitus ringing terrible, he really did not have any grasp, to Buddha in the past. Who else is crossing the river At this time, Jin Yu Heng eyes glanced at everyone, indifferent said. Everyone is low head, for fear that Jin Yu will be the point, the end of the same end with that person. Outside people are really useless guys. Yin Xu laugh laugh a channel. You, you and you, go over the river. Jin Yuheng face sank, then directly point a dozen people, cold channel. That a dozen of those who were in the point, tinnitus geluiden voorbeelden suddenly face tragic, Jin Yuheng is to let them die, but they did not resist the qualifications, the title Wu Sheng Wu Huang in the mid before, is the presence of ants, readily Can kill. The other those Wu Sheng, also one by one eyebrows frightened the color, they are very clear, they will soon turn them. Why do not you try it yourself At this point, suddenly sounded a voice. Chapter eight hundred thirty eight chapter Jin Ling war body Everyone eyes micro condensate, then have to follow the trend. I saw the opening of the people, was actually standing in the underworld crowd Li Tianyu. It s you. Jin Yuheng brow wrinkled, he naturally recognized Li Tianyu, just do not understand why this guy and the underworld will be together. To know that the people of the underworld of these people who are extremely excluded from these people, if they are not the strength of these people, I am afraid that can not come here. Kong You and Ye Manqiong also use the same eyes to see Li tinnitus ringing Tianyu, together to kill the dead when they found that this person s extraordinary strength is far more than the general title Wu Sheng, even if they are the reincarnation of these Wuhuang , May not be able to compete with. Moreover, this guy is also easy to beheaded the silver robe youth, the flowers of the two rules, all in the bag. If the emperor suddenly out of the palm of your hand, it is estimated that they are still killing this person. Unfortunately, it has been five days, presumably he has the two rules of the flower refinery. However, let them accidentally, this guy did not even break through the Wuhuang environment. Although the law of the flower of the flower, may not necessarily be able to comprehend the law, but the two rules of the flower, even if the qualification of the general title Wu Sheng, also have great hope to comprehend the rules, set foot Wuhuang environment. They do not know, Li Tiany.

    id, I will only use the considerable strength with your repair, but my way of fire, is Dacheng level. No look indifferent look at the very fire king, slowly opening Road. Road, the power, even if only a small difference between the level, the strength will be bad days do not lose you, easy. Heard no phase, then the king of the fire looked a lag, so his face showing a touch of bitterness, but did not say anything. Because he is very clear, no phase, then there is no mistake. It simply can not win him. Kill the king and Qinglian Wang and others at the moment of the face, are also quite ugly. In their view, this test is clearly no solution, they simply can not beat the phase. Who else is going to try Eyes turned, no phase toward the crowd said. I come. Kill the king stature Yi Chan, it will appear directly on the high platform. At this time, no phase of the face, but also once again changed, with the killing of the king exactly the same appearance. kill Killing the king did not say, directly cut out the hands of the ancient knife. Suddenly, the terrible knife moth bloom out, carrying a share as if to kill all the knife, toward the non phase to kill away. Killing the heart. Li Tianyu eyes micro condensate, he can naturally see, killing the king comprehend is killing the knife heart, take the road of killing. Cut At this time, no phase of the hands also appeared in a knife, then also a knife cut out. Endless killing of the meaning of the bloom in space, This moment, or even the whole world, all seem to become the blood red tinnitus ringing color. Kill the road, kill days, kill, kill the common people, kill all things in the world. Bang Accompanied by a shaking loud noise, the killing of the two knives, instantly will be a fiercely collision together. Chapter 889 The inheritance of God At the moment, in the eyes of Li Tianyu, no change is more mysterious up. Although he believed that no phase may be the real spirit, but his heart but also secretly guess, no phase may be due to some reason, can not leave here, and even lost the power of God. There may be the same as Yong, already in the era of wasteland fall, leaving only a trace of will or a ray of residual soul down. But no matter how, no phase of strength, are still very powerful. Even now he did not have enough to grasp the other side. However, in order to get the inheritance of God, he must go all out. Think of this, Li Tianyu no longer hesitate, directly tinnitus ringing into the half of the dragon s footer. It was a dragon bloody body, it was interesting. No phase of the also often see, or even rumors, Terran sage was born, and has arrived on the envelope above. This is one of the main reasons for the continuation of the strong, if you can hear the saints preach, that even if they can not directly proof of sanctification, will certainly be able to get great benefits, a substantial increase in repair. As for another reason, it is not long ago, it was rumored that the location of the Feng Zen, see the contemporary emperor. Emperor, the Terran Lord, uphold heaven and earth will of the people of the royal family, owned by the people of gas transport body, but the whole family of the most noble presence. And even can, the emperor is the Terran hope, is the belief of all human family. So countless Terran strong, toward the closure of the pool together, only to see the contemporary emperor side. It seems that there is no need to go first. Learned from the road population of these information, Li Tianyu secretly thought. But this is also good, he and Ning no lack of all the resentment, but also time to completely solve. What s going on there s still a man From the ancient meteorite is some ignorant, since ancient times, no matter which era, there may only be a person emperor, and now, even at the same time there are two emperor, which makes him really difficult to accept. Of course, for Li Tianyu s emperor identity, he is convinced, after all, he had seen before that Baizhang size of the air Jinlong, also get the human gas transport asylum. Moreover, his heart also hope that Li Tianyu is the real emperor, because the people need a powerful person with a strong strength. Li Tianyu flesh sanctification, not long ago is easy to kill an tinnitus ringing alien saints, the strength of natural without doubt. However, from the fall of dark speculation, it must be fake people, he really can not believe, will appear two emperor at the same time. Li Tianyu and from the meteorite did not delay, directly toward the closure of the door to rush. Two days later, they came to the foot of the mountain at the foot of the village. Rumors, not Hill Hill is the ancient ancestors of God after the epoch making, the body evolved from the spine. And the human family respect for the ancient father of God, so the ancestors will Fengzhan Taiwan, built on the mountain peak above the mountain, after the ancient emperor, are also in this pocket on top of the successor of the imperial orthodoxy. It seems that Ning is not going to be about to sacrifice heaven and earth, intends to inherit the emperor orthodoxi Tianyu to join the longevity of the tribe King, Ling Lan respect and others, at the moment are also very shocked. Only a few days time, Li Tianyu will control the longevity of all the elders of the tribe, and then through those elders, control in addition to Liu Ming Ming all the tribal members. Such a means, is simply turned into a cloud for the rain, effortlessly, they control a tens of millions of years of ancient heritage tribes. As for the big elders have become a lonely man empty, they also did not doubt tinnitus ringing that Li Tianyu will be able to easily solve it. Although I do not know what you used to make these useless things betrayed me, but I just kill you, you can completely solve everything. Liu empty cold as Li Tianyu, Chen Sheng Road. Since this person is not behind a powerful force, and only the real Wonderland strength, then he naturally no need to scruple what. Liu empty Ming, I have King Luo, you never want to hurt adults. Jing Luo said in a clear speech. With his voice down, a surge of violent atmosphere, toward the chaos of the willow. Feel this terrible atmosphere, Liu empty Ming s face slightly changed, but soon, his eyes will reveal a cold smile. I have to admit that your strength is really better than I do, but you really think that these years I carried out dozens of blood sacrifice, just to let the tribe owners get immortal pass Liu empty Ming sneer, said Jing Luo said. Then he turned his eyes to the crowd, coldly said Originally want you to live some more days, since you betrayed me, then today will be together to become the blood of the adults. His voice has yet to fall, there tinnitus ringing is a very evil atmosphere, from his body swept out. The next moment, a strands of black gas, around his body around, and then is toward the sky together away. At this time, the crowd actually found, Liu empty Ming s eyes, has been completely turned into color. Almost at the same time, among the void, as much as the black magic cloud together. Boom A plume of black thunder and lightning in the magic cloud. Not for a while, almost enveloped the void of the magic cloud, actually suddenly torn open. Then, a horrible horizon, out of the cracks. this is Spirit, turned out to be the spirit. God the spirit of the world, and it seems also condensed the real body. We are dead. Everyone is going to die See the horror of the moment, all the longevity of the tribe, are his face suddenly dismay, all looked despair panic color. Even the more than a dozen mysterious fairyland elders, eyes are also ful.

    Tinnitus Ringing fining the immortality, which contains the power of heaven and earth, and may even contain the power of heaven. If he can be their refining, repair is entirely possible to upgrade to the big Luo Jinxian the environment. And his flesh, will also be followed to enhance the transformation. Therefore, his mind will give birth to a thought, that is, directly swallow the three holy Dan, and then the power of chaos quenching body, and ultimately flesh sanctification. Although he has re opened the inner world, but outside the world, is still endless chaos, so he can lead the chaos infiltration of the flesh, refining hno tinnitus their own body every place. Chaos is the mother of all things, if he is the power of chaos to polish the body, then it will be possible to get the physical transformation of the flesh, the flesh of the hope will become great. Think of this, Li Tianyu no hesitation, directly out of the three holy Dan swallowed into the abdomen. At the same time, his gods guide the chaos outside the heaven and earth, into his body. Suddenly, a strangely violent chaotic atmosphere, in his body roar, raging. And in this moment, his body will be heard Kacha sound, his flesh and blood, bones, and even the skin, all there have been numerous subtle cracks. If not his flesh, I am afraid in an instant, his whole body will be chaotic into jifen into the air. This is the real chaos power, if not enough strength, and powerful flesh, even the saints, but also not easily into the depths of chaos. Today, I will have to chaotic breath of the flesh, cast a mixed body of the Eucharist, as endless years since the first flesh of the holy people. tinnitus ringing Li Tianyu s eyes emerge a firm color. Pure chaotic atmosphere, contains a terrible power of destruction, and constantly tinnitus ringing washed every part of his body. Flesh and blood, bones, skin, and even cells, are constantly destroyed. However, he not only excel the Ares catalog of the seventh heavy thunder robbery, but also spent two lightning robbery, the body is extremely strong, and has been refining the immortal Jinlian, making the body contains immortal power, so in his flesh was Destruction at the same time, but also in an instant can be renewable recovery. Chaos atmosphere, this guy actually has the power of chaos. The alien saints feel Li Tianyu body chaos, can not help but pupil a shrink, eyes reveals an incredible color. Even if he did not dare to easily touch the chaos, let alone the introduction of chaos into the body. His Majesty it would not be intended to quench the body with the p.ngth than before I do not know how much strength, I am afraid even if the dragon that respect the ancient emperor Jinlong, has been unable to compete with him. This means that now Li Tianyu, has been able to by virtue of their own power, easy to destroy the whole dragon. Those who betrayed Lin before the people, this time is the heart secretly glad, but fortunately they finally chose to return to the forest camp, otherwise, to Li Tianyu s strength, killing them more than ten thousand people, completely effortless. Human, do you know the dragon At this time, that the Dragon of the ancient emperor Jinlong, and finally recovered, and immediately staring at Li Tianyu eyes, asked, never seen it. Li Tianyu faint back. He did not want to and each other nonsense, just want to kill the eyes of these Dragon, swallowed their fine blood, so that the dragon bloody body to continue to qualify. If his dragon bloody body to achieve a satisfactory level, his strength must at least reach the peak of God. Especially his flesh, I am afraid even if compared with the real cents, it will not differ too much. God environment, the equivalent of fairy heaven heavenly fairy. And really immortal is the real immortal, although only the immortal realm of the lowest one, but also far from fairy comparable. If he can have comparable to the immortal flesh, even if the face of the existence of God, he also has a war of power, and even great hope to win, Why can you turn into jizards Ancient imperial territory Jinlong again asked. I do not need to explain to you, talk nonsense, continue to fight it. Li Tianyu cold voice back. The two sides in the life and death, and the defeated party will even be genocide, he simply too lazy to and the other side tinnitus ringing nonsense. Today in any case, Dragon, must be off. With his voice falling, a horrible breath, from his body swept out. Suddenly, the surviving tens of thousands of Dragon, only to feel their entire dragon, are a very terrible power enveloped up, They even faint kind of feeling, Li Tianyu only God read a move, this terrible force will directly kill them. and many more At this time, that Jinlong hurriedly shouted a cry. If this fight, the Dragon and Lin can be enemies Dare not have the slightest hesitation, Jinlong then said. Why do you want to fight You are not letting the Dragon come, today to let Lin family extinction Li Tianyu indifferent smile, opening Road. Li Tianyu heard the words, Jinlong eyes could not help but flashed a touch of embarrassment of the color. He dragon mighty, t.

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